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june 26-29
Tangible Interaction
Zygotes at Eyeo 2012

Francis Tseng

Francis is a designer and software engineer interested in simulation, machine learning, games, and utopia/politics. He's worked on news automation software and developed community analysis infrastructure. He's presently a Researcher-in-Residence at NEW INC and recently released The Founder: A Dystopian Business Simulator.

Jenny Odell

Jenny's work combines the mining of online imagery with writing and research, usually in an attempt to highlight the material nature of our modern networked existence. Most recently she designed a gigantic mural for the Google data center in Oklahoma. She would spend 80% of her life in a library if she could.

Nicholas Felton

Nicholas is a designer, entrepreneur and artist whose work focuses on translating quotidian data into meaningful objects and experiences. His annual personal Feltron Reports are legend– they condense the events of a year into a tapestry of maps, graphs and statistics.

Matt Mitchell

Matt trains activists & journalists in digital security. His work focuses on marginalized, aggressively monitored, over-policed populations in the United States.

Jennifer Daniel

Jennifer has been acclaimed for her conceptual, clever, and content-driven approach to illustration and writing. She manages to combine the difficult beasts of quality and variety, making infographics for Bloomberg, children’s books about space and drawing hot dogs jumping into swimming pools.

Sands Fish

Sands is an artist and researcher at the MIT Media Lab's Civic Media group. His current work uses speculative design to help communities imagine and advocate for more desirable futures.

Steve Lambert

Steve’s father, a former Franciscan monk, and mother, an ex-Dominican nun, imbued the values of dedication, study, poverty, and service to others – qualities which prepared him for life as an artist.

Robin Sloan

Robin has spent the past decade tinkering on the cutting edge of digital culture. He’s the author of Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore, which grew from web post into a New York Times Best Seller published in more than twenty countries.

Derek Watkins

Derek is a Graphics Editor at The New York Times. He covers many topics, but is most interested in how geography influences people's lives and their interactions with the environment

Jason Salavon

Jason uses software processes of his own design, generating and reconfiguring masses of communal material to present new perspectives on the familiar.

Deb Chachra

Deb is an associate professor at the Olin College of Engineering. She researches the engineering student experience and works to make it better. She teaches materials science and engineering design, and also facilitates workshops around gender and technology.

Molly Wright Steenson

Molly is a design, architecture, and media scholar. She’s an associate professor at Carnegie Mellon’s School of Design, where she continues to study how technology and interactivity fit into our contemporary cities and lives. She’s worked as a designer, design researcher, strategist and geek since 1994.

Sissel Tolaas

Sissel is a Norwegian artist who lives in Berlin. She studied mathematics, chemistry and visual arts. Since 1990 she has concentrated on the language and communication of smell, focusing particularly on the concept of capturing the essence of a city or a place. She maintains a "smell archive" of more than 7000 airtight jars.

Sam Sinyangwe

Sam is a data scientist and policy analyst who works with communities of color to fight systemic racism through cutting-edge policies and strategies. He is a co-founder of Mapping Police Violence, a database of police killings in the United States, and Campaign Zero, a policy platform to end police violence.

Alexander Chen

Alexander is a Creative Director at Google Creative Lab. In 2011, he launched MTA.ME, which transformed a New York subway map into a string instrument. This personal work led to the conception of the Les Paul Doodle, a Google doodle which generated 5.1 years worth of shared music around the world.

Taeyoon Choi

Taeyoon is an artist, educator and curator based in New York and Seoul. His art practice involves performance, electronics, drawings and storytelling that often leads to intervention in public spaces.

Jennifer McCoy

Jennifer, with her partner Kevin, works with interactive media, film, performance and installation to explore personal experience in relation with new technology, the mass media, and global commerce. They often re-examine classic genres and works of cinema, science fiction or television narrative, creating sculptural objects, net art, robotic movies or live performance.

Gene Kogan

Gene is an artist and programmer interested in generative systems, artificial intelligence, and software for creativity and self-expression. He initiated and contributes to ml4a, a free book about machine learning for artists, activists, and citizen scientists.

Morehshin Allahyari

Morehshin was born and raised in Iran and moved to the United States in 2007. She thinks about technology as a philosophical toolset to reflect on objects and as a poetic means to document our personal and collective lives struggles in the 21st century.

Kevin McCoy

Kevin, with his partner Jennifer, works with interactive media, film, performance and installation to explore personal experience in relation with new technology, the mass media, and global commerce. They often re-examine classic genres and works of cinema, science fiction or television narrative, creating sculptural objects, net art, robotic movies or live performance.

Afroditi Psarra

Afroditi's artistic interest focuses on the body as an interface, contemporary handicrafts, folk tradition, pop iconography, retrofuturistic aesthetics and the role of women in contemporary culture. Her work extends from soft circuits, hacking and coding, to interactive installations and sound performances.

Surya Mattu

Surya has been investigating how our wireless devices leak data and the impact that has on us. He’s also been working on Machine Bias, a series that aims to highlight how algorithmic systems can be biased and discriminate against people.

Mimi Onuoha

Mimi is an artist and researcher using data and code to explore new forms of storytelling, social critique, and interaction. She is an Adjunct Professor at NYU, and a 2016 Fellow at the Data & Society Research Institute.

Zach Lieberman

Zach is an artist with a simple goal: he wants you surprised. His work uses technology in a playful way to break down the fragile boundary between the visible and the invisible. He's a co-creator of openFrameworks, and co-founder of the School for Poetic Computation.
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More to come...

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