Documentation 2017

Past Talks

Talks from previous years can be seen on our Vimeo page.

2016 Eyeo Website

We’ve archived all the content and resources from the 2016 Eyeo website.

2017 Show & Tell

Show & Tell is where we give the stage (and projector) to attendees to show (and, well, tell) what they’ve been working on. Presentations happen over the lunch hour. We’ll put out a call for submissions, once spaces are filled we’ll post the schedule below.

2016 Attendee Reactions

The Love

“This event is so much more about community than about a conference.” -Kate Hartman

“I met so many of my heroes IRL, and absolutely loved every minute of it.  Most of all, it inspired me to create more; and I cannot wait to participate more in this lovely conversation you all have started…” -Harlo Holmes

“Of all the other conferences that I’m invited to, and there is nothing that feels as welcoming and inclusive as Eyeo. Just nothing.” -Stefanie Posavec

“Coming away inspired, rejuvenated, and with many new friends.” -Ben Vershbow