Sponsors 2022

2022 Sponsors

Runway is inventing the next generation of creative tools. We are taking recent advancements in computer graphics and deep learning to push the boundaries of content and in turn, lower the barriers of content creation; unfastening a new wave of storytelling.

We are a small team of artists, engineers, researchers, and dreamers working together to reimagine creativity. We work at the intersection of technology, art, design, film, and software. We are passionate about the creative technology community as much as Eyeo is.

Hey eyeo folks, we are hiring and growing our NY and remote team. We are hiring engineers, researchers, designers, filmmakers, and artists to help us continue developing our professional web-based video editing tool to create, share and collaborate around video.

Web: runwayml.com
Twitter: @runwayml
Instagram: @runwayapp

2022 Partners

The Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon University is a laboratory for atypical, anti-disciplinary, and inter-institutional research at the intersections of arts, science, technology and culture. Founded in 1989 within the College of Fine Arts at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), the STUDIO serves as a locus for hybrid enterprises on the CMU campus, the Pittsburgh region, and internationally. Our emphasis on new-media arts builds on more than three decades of experience hosting interdisciplinary artists in an environment enriched by world-class science and engineering departments.

Web: studioforcreativeinquiry.org
Twitter: @creativeinquiry
Instagram: @studioforcreativeinquiry

Recognized nationally and internationally for its innovative approaches to art and design education, Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) is home to approximately 800 students from 45 states and 15 countries. The college offers bachelor’s degrees in fourteen disciplines, one MFA, three online master’s degrees, and continuing education classes for all ages.

MCAD’s Master of Arts in Graphic and Web Design takes place entirely online and is designed for motivated working adults. Courses cover design principles, typography, research, ideation, web design, programming, workflow management, and more. Small class sizes encourage collaboration and personal attention from experienced faculty. Students can start in fall or spring. In the BFA program, students investigate four central topics from various vantage points—the network, multimedia, interactivity, and generative practices.

Web: mcad.edu
Twitter: @MCAD
Instagram: @mcadedu

MICA Open Studies is helping to define the Maryland Institute College of Art as a 21st-century leader in the education of artists and designers. We fuel creative journeys through convenient and innovative learning models that provide broad access to the college’s rigorous art and design education.

Learn an in-demand skill or go for your Master’s in a program such has Data Analytics and Visualization. MICA Open Studies offers degree and non-degree programs designed for busy schedules. Boost your resume with in-demand skills taught by experienced instructors, earn credits, or pursue your Master’s alongside other creative, motivated individuals without taking time off work. Our innovative degree and non-degree programs are outcome-driven, rigorous, and include interactive critique and feedback.

Eyeo has been a tremendous opportunity to learn about new trends and opportunities in the Data Visualization world, as well as engage with prospective faculty and students who are considering deepening their learning in Data Visualization. We are forever grateful for the opportunity to sponsor this event!

Web: mica.edu/office-of-open-studies/
Twitter: @micaopenstudies
Instagram: @micaopenstudies

The Emergent Digital Practices program (EDP) at the University of Denver is a groundbreaking fusion of digital art, design, culture, and technology focused on building a better world. In EDP, our visionary work combines creative making and critical thinking. Our faculty and students seek to better understand emerging technologies and their impacts on cultures and ecologies. We use those technologies in a hands-on, collaborative environment to contribute to more meaningful and equitable communities.

Our graduate degrees challenge students to think and create with purpose—becoming leaders in the development and application of emerging, untried, and unimagined new media shaping our future. The MA degree offers opportunities to develop critical, technical and artistic skills by building on their undergraduate field of study and professional experience. In the MFA, students focus on creating an art and design practice that is critically and socially engaged, preparing for a professional practice.

EDP was founded the same year as EYEO and has been at the Festival from the very start. We inspire our students with the recordings of the Festival and teach about the artists and designers who are featured every year. We believe in using digital technologies in thoughtful, critical, and impactful ways to make the world a little better for people and the ecosystems we live in.

Web: du.edu/emergent-digital-practices
Twitter: @EDP_Denver

The Clinic for Open-Source Arts (COSA) explores, supports, and celebrates local and global efforts to make free and open-source tools that allow artists to create with computers. COSA is a resource for open-source arts projects at many stages of their existence: innovating new tools, helping make sure everyone has access, building healthy and diverse communities around the tools, and considering how projects become or remain sustainable.

We are looking forward to talking to the EYEO attendees about how they are using open source creative tools, in what ways they support those tools, and what barriers they face at their institutions with regard to their relationships to open source. We want to make sure that everyone around the world has access to free and open source creative tools. This is key to having artists and designers from all backgrounds share big ideas. Creating this software and building healthy communities of contributors takes real work and care. We want to help create spaces for conversations about open source creative tools and our collective responsibility to sustaining them.

Web: clinicopensourcearts.com
Twitter: @clinic_os_arts
Instagram: @clinic_os_arts

OpenProcessing is the Open Source Creative Coding Platform for Artists and Educators. Since 2008, millions of open source Processing projects have been shared and 1000s of classes have been given using OpenProcessing. But what is next? Tell me how much you love (or hate!) NFTs. Should OpenProcessing get into the NFT world? Can Open Source and NFTs have a happy marriage? Let’s brainstorm or curse it all over together. Check out crayon.codes and let me know what you think.

OpenProcessing wants to make creative coding be recognized as a common social creative pursuit for all, next to others such as painting, writing, sculpting, singing. Every year, EYEO brings together all the minds living in the tangents of this world, and we only feel at home within the halls of Walker Art Center.

Web: openprocessing.org
Twitter: @openprocessing

We are a school of design, art, and architecture inside of a research university with incredible programs in science, medicine, engineering, and the liberal arts. Our community of design students and faculty is high-energy, hard working, and fun. We are a strong, proud community of individuals committed to making and its effects on people. We are a data-driven campus, and data visualization is an important part of our school. We are always looking for new voices, perspectives, and skills in design, technology, writing, history, materials, analysis.

The College of Art offers rigorous graduate and undergraduate programs in art and design while drawing from the resources of a top-tier research institution. The College of Art was founded in 1879 as the first professional, university-affiliated art school in the United States. It is the only art school to have borne a major metropolitan art museum—the Saint Louis Art Museum.

We love collaborations between design and computer science, including a new undergraduate minor in human computer interaction. Soon we will launch a graduate program that also integrates social impact, an area of strength for our school. We are huge fans of our home in St. Louis! We’re a curious bunch and we like to dig into lots of stuff. It’s a great place to be!

Web: samfoxschool.wustl.edu
Twitter: @samfoxschool
Instagram: @samfoxschool

Cranbrook 4D Design is a 2 year MFA program in contemporary design focused on creative applications of emerging technology. We consider all aspects of the experience, looking beyond pixels to incorporate light, sound, movement, dynamic behaviors, and fluid forms into our palette. WIth a heavy emphasis on tangible interaction, it includes everything from augmented reality to applied robotics and 3D printing, and the essence of it is around products and experiences that are responsive.

4D Design is a brand new program at Cranbrook’s historic Academy of Art, and its first new program in 47 years. We want to spread the word about this unique experience to invite talented applicants to join our next cohort. As a studio-based program with a non-traditional course structure, we are on a constant lookout for talented folks who would like to visit us to run workshops, give talks and generally inspire our community.

We are passionate about tangible interaction, creative technology, and digital fabrication. We are hackers and makers, with a tireless drive towards critical thinking around how technology affects our lives and asking what we can do to change its course when needed. We have had several EYEO speakers visit us to do talks, workshops and studio visits and so we feel at home in this community of like-minded crazy creative geeks.

Web: cranbrookart.edu/4d-design/
Twitter: @cranbrookart
Instagram: @cranbrook_art

Thanks Sponsors & Partners!

Tremendous thanks to our sponsors and partners. Their support makes many things possible during the festival. They really get it and their support allows us to make eyeo better for you. They’re here. Get to know them. Meet them and thank them. We love working with them.