faq 2019

I purchased my eyeo pass, now what?
We won’t mail you tickets. Just bring your email confirmation and ID to the festival registration area and we’ll be ready for you. Registration happens Monday, June 3rd (starting at 7pm) at Aria. If you want to attend the pre-festival workshops you need to register for each workshop individually. You don’t need to sign up for specific sessions during the festival. Daytime breakout talks are first come, first serve. Evening keynotes will have enough seats for all attendees.
I want to take all the workshops, they look great!
On Monday, June 3rd we’ll be hosting several Pre-Festival Workshops. They require a separate, specific registration and they all happen at the same time, you gotta pick one.
I’m buying passes for colleagues
Great! Glad your team can join us. When you go to register you’ll be able to purchase up to three passes at a time. We’ll ask for details for each attendee, please complete this to the best of your ability as we’ll use this info for communicating key festival logistics as well as printing their name badge. If you don’t have all the details at the time of registration don’t sweat it, but do look at the Ticket Transfer question for your next steps.
Shoot! I can’t make it / Ticket Transfers
Eyeo passes are non-refundable but they are transferable. It’s up to you to find a new ticket holder.
TRANSFER REQUESTS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY MAY 6th, 2019. We’ll need the following details emailed to info@eyeofestival.com to complete the transfer.

EMAIL (used to make the ticket purchase) –

INFO WE NEED FOR NEW TICKET HOLDER (this is what will appear on their badge)
EMAIL (not listed on badge, just used for 2018 event updates)
TWITTER HANDLE (if you have one / want it on your badge)

Paypal won’t process my payment, what gives?
We only accept payments online via credit cards or paypal accounts. We use Eventbrite for registration and Paypal to process the transactions. NOTE!.. Using corporate cards with paypal can be an issue. American Express corporate cards in particular. Mismatched billing addresses/zip codes with business/corporate cards is a common trip up as well. Have an alternative card ready, or use a paypal account.
So there will be live captioning at Eyeo 2019?
Yes. We intend to have live captioning available at all the theaters where lectures take place. Workshops will most not likely have captioning and nor will some of the smaller meet-ups. But we want to make it as accessible as possible. If you’re attending and have needs, ideas, questions about this get in touch (info@eyeofestival.com). We’re learning as we go.
So there will be childcare at Eyeo 2019?
We are working hard to find a way to support parents who have childcare demands that interfere with their ability to be at eyeo. This is definitely a learning year for us. We aren’t sure if this support will look like a pop-up daycare location near the Walker or if we’ll just pick up the tab for nannies. Until we know what the demand and ages of the kids are we’re keeping a few options open in hopes to support as many parents as possible.

If you request childcare support when you register for eyeo we will reach out to you via email with a questionnaire about your childcare needs during eyeo. We will confirm whether we will be able to provide support to you no later than March 18th. At which point you will still have sufficient time to arrange your travel. If we are unable to provide you with the support you need we will refund your eyeo registrations in full upon request.

If you have questions or suggestions we’d love to hear from you (info@eyeofestival.com).