About 2019

june 3–6
Minneapolis, MN

’Eyeo really lives up to its tagline: ‘Converge to inspire.’
Every year I feel so inspired and energized.’

A Gathering for the Creative Technology Community

The Eyeo Festival brings together a rich intersection of people doing fascinating things with technology. Artists, data designers, creative coders, AI explorers, storytellers, researchers, technology & platform developers all cross paths and share inspiration at Eyeo. Join us for 4 days of enthralling talks, unique workshops, the code+ summit, and thought provoking interactions lead by passionate thinkers and makers. You’ll love it. (And it’ll be better with you there.) Converge to Inspire.

Things We Talk About

  • Art / Technology
  • Creative Coding / Open Source Tools
  • Data: Visualization, Design, Art
  • Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence
  • Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality
  • Experience Design / Storytelling
  • Interactive Art & Architecture
  • Physical Computing / Generative Art
  • Culture / Privacy / Ethics

What Attendees Say

‘I’ve never been to a conference with such emphasis on the community – such a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.’
• ‘My first Eyeo and I loved it. It reset my expectations about my field and I’m excited about it in a way I haven’t been before.’
• ‘Always top notch. I’ve stopped looking at the lineup before I buy tickets now, I just know it’s going to be excellent.’
• ‘Very multidisciplinary–  it was amazing to let my mind wander into new spaces outside of my immediate discipline.’
• ‘If you’re trying to find your way in a creative practice that is insistently both-and, in-between, a hybrid endeavor: This is
the conference for you. Always inspiring. Highly recommended.’
• ‘#mindblown’
• ‘So that was #eyeo2018. Saw some of the most inspiring, brilliant talks by legitimate geniuses.’

2019 Curatorial Fellows

This year we brought on the amazing Mimi Onuoha and Carlos Garcia to help us curate speakers and content.
We’re really excited about how things are coming together.

It’s Better with Everyone

The Eyeo Festival is dedicated to being an inclusive, diverse and accessible event. We believe that the wider the range of voices and perspectives taking part in the conversation the richer the experience will be for us all. We’re committed to increasing accessibility, diversity and inclusion as we go forward. We have two new enhancements this year that we’re hoping to provide. We’re seeking sponsors to help make them possible:

2019 Additions


We hope to expand accessibility by providing real-time captioning during the 34 theater talks. Learn about sponsoring.


Many parents are unable to attend conferences due to their childcare responsibilities. We want to remove this barrier by providing childcare support for attendees who request it. Please see the FAQ page for more info. We’re still researching what this will look like but it’s clear that the amount of children/parents we can support will be dependent on sponsorship (s).

Scholarships and Fellowships

Since 2012 we’ve offered several fellowship tickets (a free ticket) to practicing artists and folks working in the non-profit sector. We’ll continue this tradition. In 2018 we had our first group of ‘full ride’ diversity scholarships which included travel funding and eyeo tickets. We’re working to secure/raise funds to help offer this opportunity again.

Harassment Free Atmosphere

We want Eyeo to be a harassment-free experience for everyone regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, accessibility needs, appearance, or religion. We like it that way. We take it seriously. Here’s the complete anti-harassment policy.

Everyone comes from Everywhere (2018 Attendee Geography)

Last year 700 people attended from 17 countries and 31 US states. They represented over 400 different organizations; some large, some small, many that you’ve heard of, and many that you haven’t.

Eyeo Video Archive

history on record

Check out the eyeo festival on vimeo to see the talks from every year so far. [2011 through 2018]


Student Volunteers

Apply Now | Deadline = March 3

Students, in exchange for volunteering during eyeo you can attend for free. It’s a great experience. You’ll get to see a lot of the content and make some new pals from other similar programs.
The application period closes at midnight, Monday, March 3rd.


Scholarships & Fellowships


Once again we hope to supply fellowships and scholarships to eyeo. We’ll keep you posted on the details as they come together. In the meantime to guarantee your don’t miss out be sure to jump on our mailing list or follow us on social.

READ MORE about these opportunities.