Pinar Demirdag (Turkish/Canadian, born 1985 in Montreal), is an artist, creative director, and producer interested in advancing human potential by pairing consciousness with creative technologies.

In 2020, she co-found Seyhan Lee, an artistic development company to be the bridge between A.I. (generative) art and motion pictures. Their first A.I. film "Connections" for Beko won the D&AD Awards in VFX Emerging Realities with over 250 million views.

She is currently creating TV series, shows, immersive exhibitions to integrate generative art into the culture and regularly partners with brands to bring them into metaverse-based projects.
Panel: How We Survived

A conversation about alternative ways to practice that people found during the pandemic. Moderated by Jer Thorp.

A.I. in the Age of Consciousness

I will be sharing my experience of working with A.I. art since 2018, my journey into the depths of my consciousness during that time, and the strange parallels between expanding my awareness as a human and the parallel processing power of the machine.

I'll be showing examples of films we made with A.I. coupled with conscious storytelling and will explain how we are working to raise the vibration of the collective with each project.