Jen Lowe is an artist, teacher, writer, researcher, and cofounder of the creative technology studio Maximal Expression.

Jen has spoken at SXSW, Eyeo, and the CMU STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, taught at NYU ITP and SVA's Design for Social Innovation program, and researched at the Spatial Information Design Lab at Columbia University. Jen cowrote The Book of Shaders with Patricio González Vivo. She cofounded the School for Poetic Computation and wrote Clearing Space about the first class at SFPC. Their heartbeat is online as One Human Heartbeat, and their particle motion wind visualization of lidar-derived wind data was an early influencer of other wind visualizations. Their work has been published in Scientific American and covered by The New York Times and Fast Company. Jen’s education is in Applied Math and Information Science. She’s been seriously studying herbal medicine since 2014 and maintains a small community herbal practice as Gather & Hold.

Jen is based in North Carolina, Buenos Aires, and the Sonoran Desert, on unceded Eno & Lumbee, Günün a küna, and O'odham & Yaqui land.

The Stars Are Free: Time Portals and Holistic Technology

We’ll talk about ancient and traditional practices of time and divination, and imagine a possible future that requires a return to holistic technologies, and globally connected local communities. We’ll show projects of folks who are preparing for that possible future by building atomic modular technology and practicing reuse technology as emerging technology. We’ll cover some lessons learned making our own atomic modular tools, like glsl viewer, and the alchemy of making our own digital art with recycled e-waste. Our inspirations include: birds, clouds, Octavia Butler, Rasheedah Philllips and Black Quantum Futurism, Ursula Franklin, Hundred Rabbits artist collective, the Solar Protocol project, and Precious Plastic’s localized global recycling network. Oh! and we’ll have stickers :)