Grace Boyle is the founder and director of The Feelies, an independent studio developing how we can experience sensory stories in immersive contexts.

Her work with The Feelies has taken her around the world, won multiple awards, innovation funding, and been performed in over a dozen countries. She has given talks at, amongst many others, the Future of Storytelling festival in New York, Frieze art fair, on the BBC World Service, and as a guest lecturer at the Royal College of Art, London.

Previously to The Feelies, Grace spent five years researching climate change and energy stories in India, co-curated a festival in a cemetery in London, and developed storylines for film and television studios.

She holds undergraduate and masters degrees in chemistry from the University of Manchester and University of California, Berkeley, and is currently completing another masters degree in Robotics and Advanced Construction at the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia.

Sensory Architecture

Our senses are how we build the world around us. How can we draw out that information, and shape it into stories that allow us to connect in a meaningful way?

I founded my studio, The Feelies, to explore storytelling in a multisensory medium. We research / capture / create for a new spatial, sensory language, often in immersive contexts. I'm intrigued by the part our somatic intelligence has to play in the world, and in our digital futures.

Drawing on our experience working with Shinto practitioners in Japan, to Indigenous communities in the Brazilian Amazon, on stories from forests to robotics as well as development of the tools to facilitate crossmodal experiences, we'll delve into the thinking and practice behind creating stories for all the senses.