Giorgia is an information designer and partner at Pentagram in New York.

In her practice, she designs engaging data- driven visual narratives across print, digital and environmental media that create new insight and appreciation of people, ideas, and organizations.

She is co-author of Dear Data and of the interactive book Observe, Collect, Draw - A Visual Journal.

She advocates for Data Humanism.

*Photo of Giorgia by Jake Chessum.
Data? It's Complicated.

In this new, intimate talk, Giorgia will speak about falling in love with numbers and categories and how a traditional definition of data no longer fits her work.

She will interrogate the role that data plays in her creative practice and her struggle to identify what it is (and what it can be).

Surveying her diverse projects over the last decade, her current design practice, and her forthcoming work, she will reflect on her approach and process, and on how joining Pentagram as a Partner three years ago has influenced her path. She will bare all about her complicated relationship with data -- how it has both saved her and led her into trouble at times.

In this talk, Giorgia will unpack the challenges she has confronted and the broader context within which she has come to view her work.

This will be Giorgia’s 5th time on the Eyeo stage, and she is particularly excited to see you all again.