Sarah Brin is an art historian and creative producer who specializes in previously unanticipated situations involving technology, the public, and organizational infrastructure. She’s created programs, exhibitions, and publications for organizations like Autodesk, SFMOMA, British Council, MOCA Los Angeles, the European Union and elsewhere. She cares about building just, sustainable and inviting things.

Sarah currently works as Strategic Partnerships Manager for Meow Wolf in Santa Fe and is an advisor to ArtEngine's Digital Economies Lab in Ottawa. She has degrees from Brandeis University and the University of Southern California.

Immersion Problems

The term "immersive" is ubiquitous, but why? And what the heck is immersion anyway? In this talk, Sarah Brin explores the recent popularity of immersive art and entertainment experiences, with a particular emphasis placed on her workplace, Meow Wolf. This talk begins to unpack some of the baggage surrounding the extensive histories and contexts of immersive art experiences, and distills some of the most poignant questions facing contemporary immersive design professionals.