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Let’s try this again. Have we ever missed you! It’s been forever. Welcome to the 10th edition of the Eyeo Festival. It’s already betterbecause you’re here. You’re great! We’ve a got a stellar speaker lineup, fantastic sponsors, and fun evenings for you to make new friends. Eyeo is all about community and we make it for you. We want you to enjoy it. If there’s anything we can do to help just holler. We’re here for you.

Eyeo will fly by, so get into your ‘social, mingling, small-talking’mode as fast as you can. The talks will rev you up and the conversations will open doors. You never know what moment at eyeo might be your game-changer so be a part of as much as you can. Share your ideas and ask others about theirs. It’s good for everyone.

Converge to Inspire.

*Special shout out to all the 2020 would-have-been attendees that declined a refund either as a donation or to raincheck it until the next festival. In the face of cancelling 2020 that made us really feel the love. (And it saved our bacon.) Thank you!!!

Let’s Get To It!

Getting together in-person appears to be one of the best antidotes for pretty much everything. So great to be here together IRL. It’s a chance to connect and re-connect. To commiserate and collaborate. Or just be happy to be surrounded by interesting folks. It’s very likely you have lots in common with your eyeo neighbors.

We’re so pleased to present the warm and brilliant array of speakers we’ve gathered for you this year. (That we started gathering in 2020… weep.) You’re gonna love ‘em too. They’re prepared to share; let’s be ready to receive. What a win! Feeling real lucky to get some of their time & energy. Thanks for sticking with us speakers!

Tremendous thanks to our sponsors, partners and supporters. Their support makes many things possible during the festival. They really get it and their support allows us to make eyeo better for you. They’re here. Get to know them. Meet them and thank them. We love working with them.

And finally, we thank you, dear attendees – the reason we’re here. Thanks for showing up, braving the pandemic world and being adaptable/amenable to doing things a little differently than before. Without you there is no eyeo. So smooches to yas. We’re sure like every year this crowd will prove to be warm, supportive, smart and inspiring. (And wearing masks – nope – that’s new.) We love to see your enthusiasm engaged, and hope you leave inspired to go out there and charge ahead.

We make it for you and you make it for us. We love being your hosts.

Much Love,
-Team Eyeo–


The Eyeo Festival is dedicated to an inclusive, harassment­ free experience for everyone regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, age, appearance, or religion. We like it that way. We are serious about this and we enforce it. Our complete policy can be found on
The Festival Hub is the here. Be friends. Err on the side of caution. In the end this is a professional event, despite the casual atmosphere and venues. If it’s not appropriate at work, it’s not appropriate at eyeo. Make friends.

Covid Policy

Proof of vaccination or a negative test is required to get your festival badge, attend workshops or the code+care summit. Bring either of these when you check in at eyeo for a workshop or the summit, and again that night when you’ll check in for your festival badge. After you have your badge, it will serve as proof for all following events – so always bring it with you. Day & night. (But it won’t hurt to keep the proofs with you in case you lose the badge.) Ya dig?

MASKS are required in all theater spaces and STRONGLY encouraged in all other spaces at eyeo.

And it goes without saying, don’t come if you’re sick.

We don’t like having to do this. But not only is it required by the venues we utilize it’s also the smart thing to do given the state of affairs. (Another bleeping variant, another bleeping uptick. Gah!) This is not intended to be a punitive measure but rather a supportive measure so all participants can fully enjoy their time and interactions during eyeo. Do it for your neighbor and they’ll do it for you. It’s an act of love and respect. Thank you for cooperating.

Checking In And Getting Badges

Bring your eyeo badge and legal ID to all eyeo events. The badge get’s you in, and the ID get’s you into bars (and served). Minnesota bars and restaurants card everyone for bar entry and service, to the point of absurdity. Like Monty Python absurd. So bring your ID, or passport.

Check in and badge pick-up for the festival starts the night of Tuesday, June 14th at Aria. (The evening venue/kickoff) The lobby/registration area (and bar) opens at 7pm. Show up with your ID, (and above mentioned covid proof!) get your badge, and it’s on.

If you don’t make it to the first night, no prob, for the next 3 days you can check-in at the Walker Art Center at any time between 9:30 and 4. We’ll be in the Main Walker Lobby near the Cinema.

You will find the eyeo welcome table in the Main Walker Lobby. (Enter on Vineland Place). We’ll direct you to your workshop location, and you’ll sign in there. 

At Minneapolis Central Library there will be a welcome table on the second floor outside of Pohlad Hall.  

Getting To Eyeo Events

You’re on your own to get to eyeo events. All the venues are walkable from the downtown area (except the Thursday night venue – more on that below), but map it so you have an idea of how long a walk. Minneapolis has car shares, cabs, pedicabs, MN Nice Ride bike share and too many scooter outfits to name by name. They’re all all over.

It’s a 25 minute walk from the heart of downtown. Take Nicollet Mall to 7th, hang left, cross over Hennepin, witness the historic First Avenue concert venue (Purple Rain was filmed there), and turn right onto 1st Avenue – take it all the way to 1st Street and you’re there. There are dinner options all along this route.

[*If you choose to walk, taking the above route back after the evening ends at Aria isn’t ideal – First Avenue turns into a clubby scene that’s just a lot of goofy. Better to take Washington Ave to Hennepin or Nicollet Mall. It’ll be less interesting, but better for conversation.]

It’s a 40 minute walk from the heart of Downtown. Take Hennepin towards the river, cross the river on the right side of the bridge, turn right on SE Main St. Go 2 blocks and turn left onto SE 3rd Ave. The Machine Shop is at the top of the block on your right.

There’s two ways to do this. 1.) Take a car, or 2.) Hop on the Metro Transit light rail in downtown. There are multiple stations along 5th street. Take the GREEN LINE towards St. Paul and get off at the Prospect Park Station. You’ll be able to see the Market from the station it’s less than a block away. Walk in the same direction the train was going and you’ll be headed in the right direction. Every station has a ticket kiosk. The light rail operates on the honor system. Just buy a ticket and keep it with you and get on the train baby. *It’s about a 15 minute ride and you’ll get to see the University of Minnesota campus. It’s quite pleasant. https://www.metrotransit.org/metro-green-line.

It’s a 35 minute walk from the heart of downtown. Take Hennepin towards the river, cross the river on the right side of the Hennepin bridge, turn right on Wilder street (just before the Nicollet Island Inn) and you’ll be looking right at the Pavilion. Enter by the big white tent.

Maps To Venues

The Festival Hub is the Walker Art Center.

Tuesday, June 14th
Walker Art Center – Workshops 
Minneapolis Central Library– Code+Library Summit
Aria – Festival Kickoff – Evening Keynotes & Ignite Talks

Wednesday, June 15th
Walker Art Center – All Daytime Talks
The Machine Shop – Showcase

Thursday, June 16th
Walker Art Center – All Daytime Talks
The Market at Malcom Yards – Evening Party

Friday, June 17th
Walker Art Center – All Daytime Talks
Nicollet Island Pavilion – Evening Talks & Closing Party

Getting Around MPLS

The mode we recommend most. See ‘Getting to Eyeo Events’ for details, durations and suggested routes.

Look for the green bikes in docks, or now the dockless blue bikes. A beautiful bicycle share program. Using a credit card at the pay stations located at each Nice Ride station you can get on your way asap. Simply take a bike when you need one, and return it to any station in the system when you arrive at your destination. It rocks.

Downtown has a nice little downtown fare zone for 50¢. Old school with change. Look for buses on Nicollet Mall. The downtown zone extends to just over the river, in Northeast. If you catch the #4, #6, #61 headed North/East on Hennepin. Here’s a map.

Byrd, Lift, and more – they’re all over.

(Bicycle cab) They’re charming and all over downtown. Try one out.

UBER and LYFT operate here. ’nuff said.

Rainbow 612.332.1615
Green & White 651.222.2222

Access At The Walker

Since 1927 the Walker has been presenting contemporary art in Minneapolis; it’s a gem. Admission is free with your badge, but due to covid policy you’ll still need a ticket to enter galleries. Check in at the Walker’s desk in the Cinema lobby. No large backpacks or umbrellas are allowed in the galleries.

You’ll also find artist designed mini-golf up on the terrace, your badge get’s you $2 off for a round. Score! & Fore!

Oh what a shame – the big bookstore has been closed and totally removed during the pandemic. Booo! We used to buy books and art from some of our favorite Eyeo speakers there in the past. Now it’s just the little shop by the cinema lobby. But – your eyeo badge will get you a 10% discount there. So take a look at least.

11 – 9 Thursday
11 – 6 Friday / Saturday
11 – 5 Sunday
(Closed Mondays & Tuesdays)

The Lunch Break

You’re on your own for lunch at eyeo. We made the break long so you can head out and grab a tasty bite with new friends. Talking a walk outside does wonders for helping your mind and body get ready for a few more hours of talks in dark theaters. If you want to stick around the Walker there are a few places to grab food. Here we go:

There are 3 places to get food:
Grab and Go options in the Cityview Room (McGuire Theater side of the building – upstairs) and the Art Lab (Cinema side of the building – downstairs), and Cardamon – the latest incarnation of the restaurant across from the cinema, with table service and hopefully some faster options too (if they get it together for us).

If you’re going to hit Show & Tell grab food at one of the two onsite options and take it to the show & tell room.

We’re bringing a food truck to Loring Park – Each day it’s a different truck, each day it’s tasty. To get there exit the Walker by the cinema, take a right, cross Hennepin Avenue at the stop lights, and keep walking straight on the sidewalk. You’ll see the truck on the edge of the park (on Oak Groove St).

WEDNESDAY 6/16 — Zaap Thai (thanks food truck guy!)
THURSDAY 6/17 — Thai Thai Street Food
FRIDAY 6/18 — Que Tal Street Eats (Salvadoran pupusas)

• Ground floor of the McGuire side of the building – where the old bookstore was. You’ll see it.
• ArtLab
• Show & Tell Rooms (Skyline and Garden Terrace Room)

Terraces – access via Cityview Room or Garden Terrace Room
The sculpture park has lots of quiet nooks and crannies, and some big long tables under the big glass shed/tent/thingy – just look to the left when you exit the Walker.

Attendee Show & Tell

12:10 – 1:05 (Wed & Thurs) 
12:40 – 1:35pm (Fri)

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday over the lunch break we give attendees the chance to show us what they’re working on.

Eyeo attracts a crowd that does some amazing stuff and we know it. So we let them (you) show it. We took signups in advance and all slots are full. Each day we’ll have two rooms where about 10 people will show you and tell you, what they’re up to, in 5 minutes. Timed hard. Strict. These rooms won’t hold us all. We know. So if you’re going to hit a section of Show & Tell, you have 20 minutes from when the theater talks end to when the showing and telling starts; you want to get lunch and bring it to the Skyline Room or Garden Terrace Room.

*Projects, not pitches, are preferred. Sales, promotion and HR recruiting are not the point. (Looking for collaborators is great.) Thanks in advance for respecting the spirit and intent of show & tell.

The schedule and lineup can be found at http://eyeofestival.com/documentation/

Runway Video Challenge

Get witty and make a short video about an idea, talk, or concept you discovered at Eyeo. The best part about these rules is that there aren’t really any rules. Go docu-style, go dance off, go long focus indie film style. ooooh the blurry street lights… Runway is an eyeo sponsor, and we like their style a lot. Whatcha got?

Edit the video in/on Runway and submit your take(s) to runwayml.com/eyeo
60-seconds max. That’s one minute or less!
DEADLINE: 4 pm Friday, June 17th
Awards/Prizes baby, we got prizes: 1st place = an iPad. 2nd, 3rd= Airpods Pro

Eyeo Discord Channel

To replace the social aspect of previous Apps we’ve started a place on discord for everyone to chat, have fun, comment (not criticize Dave’s beard) and organize meet-ups. There’s a meet-up channel – use it to propose and plan topic/interest/activity based meet-ups during the festival. Y’all should get together!

We included an invite link in the super long ‘When You Land’ email we sent out on 6/8.

*please note we don’t keep a keen eye on discord during eyeo – we’re crazy busy. So if you need a response to something please email info@eyeofestival.com, or text/call us if it’s really urgent. Those are better paths to getting responses from the team. Thanks! Discord is for you all to connect with each other, not so much us.

To/From The Airport

The hotels don’t run shuttles. Weak. You can hop the Light Rail Line from the airport to downtown (@$2) and walk to most hotels.

For the ‘eyeo area’ hotels, get off at the Nicollet Mall Station. (5th St and Nicollet) From there you can either take a 12 minute walk (5-7 blocks to the eyeo suggested hotels in the Nicollet & 12th street vicinity) or transfer (free) to a #18 bus headed south (towards Bloomington) and ride few blocks to your cross street. 

Or a cab it all the way from MSP to downtown, approximately 12 miles, with fares averaging $38-$49. Rideshares also pickup at the airport and have a designated pickup zone. There’s signage at the airport.


There is free wi-fi at the Walker. 

Network name: Walker&Garden

There will not be wi-fi at the evening events (at least not on purpose, and not worth counting on) – so leave your computers at home in the evenings (except for Wednesday night – look at the evenings activities and decide if you want to bring your laptop or not.)

Other Notes

* Turn that ringer off, and even the vibe setting, that makes noise too. It’s actually one of the most compelling/attention getting sounds these days. There was a study about it…really. Bzzzz bzzzz bzzzz.

* You are responsible for your personal belongings at all times during the eyeo festival. There are two banks of backpack size lockers at the Walker. 1 by the restrooms near the Art lab, and one up the steps from the Hennepin Lobby.

* Please tag your pics and tweets with #eyeo2022

Contact Us

8 – 6 – 7, 53 – 0h -Niiiii-ii-iNE…
(We just keep recycling that cause Dave thinks is soooo funny. – It’s old, like him.)

Text is best for brief or time sensitive things.

Email = #2. And is better for longer or less urgent matters.

Phone calls don’t really work, it’s rarely easy for us to answer during eyeo.

Tweeting does not work at all. We just don’t use it that way. If you have questions, or need our attention – use any of the above.  



Team Eyeo

Dave Schroeder – Executive Festival Producer 
Caitlin Rae Hargarten – Festival Producer
Jer Thorp – Co-Inspiragator™ / Content 
Wes Grubbs – Co-Inspiragator™ / Content
Matthew Kenney – 2020-2022 Curatorial Fellow
Carmen Aquilar y Wedge – 2020-2022 Curatorial Fellow
Ece Tankal – 2020-2022 Curatorial Fellow

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