Everest Pipkin is a drawing and language artist from Bee Caves, Texas, whose work follows landscape as complicated by the advent of digital space. They produce printed material as books, chapbooks, and zines, as well as digital work in software, bots, and games. They also make drawings by hand, on paper.

Pipkin holds a BFA from University of Texas at Austin, are a MFA candidate at Carnegie Mellon University, and have shown nationally and internationally at The Design Museum of London, The Texas Biennial, XXI Triennale of Milan, The Victoria & Albert Museum, and others.
Fragment Ecology in Online Space

Stemming from a 2011 incident inside of a Facebook data facility in which hyper-cooled air formed a literal (if somewhat transient) rain cloud in the stacks, this talk examines ideas of the cloud, placeless data, and environment as applied to contemporary network infrastructure.

By acknowledging that the network is deeply rooted in place, as well as histories of industry, military, and transit, this talk proposes an ecology of online (and offline) internet spaces.