Chris is a media artist whose artistic practice reflects his beliefs in Chinese Philosophy. His works combine traditional and futuristic ideas, constantly exploring new mediums and finding aesthetics in technological intervention.

In 2007, Chris founded XEX / XCEED, an interdisciplinary creative studio and new media art collective based in Hong Kong, who’s works have been showcased worldwide. In 2014, he was appointed as the Artistic Director and Curator of the 1st HK-SZ Design Biennale. His creations have won awards from Reddot, TDC, GDC11, Taipei Golden Pin, Design for Asia, and The YG11 of New York Art Director’s Club. Lately, the “RadianceScape” project was selected in Linz Ars Electronica and the live performance was toured in Sónar Festival and WRO Art Biennale.

Check out some recent work
Prismverse by Chris Cheung / XEX in Shanghi
VaporScape by h0nh1m (Chris Cheung) x NikeLab
Collar AG by Chris Cheung / XCEED
Next Generation of the Digital Slave

I'll present the creative process behind the highly IG-able immersive installation “Prismverse”. The metaphor of the Battle Royale like wearable device “Collar AG”. Using data to intervent an audiovisual performance as Observatory’s live broadcast. We'll address questions including How mediums shape our behavior and experience? Why open data is essential for a future citizen? And how could a creator design deeply for a minority audience and yet win the appreciation from general public?