Stefanie Posavec

Stefanie Posavec was raised in Denver, Colorado, and moved to London permanently in 2004 when completing her MA in Communication Design from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design (2006). Her studies focused mainly on the visualization of literature, which led to time as a book cover designer for Penguin Press and the visualization of Stephen Fry's autobiography for his iPhone app 'MyFry' in 2010.

After going freelance in late 2010, she focuses on projects ranging from data visualization and information design to designing book covers (or anything in between) for publishers and creative agencies. Her personal projects have been exhibited internationally, and this work tends to focus mostly on language and literature with an interest in hand-analyzed or handmade data visualizations.

Keynote: Dear Data

Before embarking on a year-long, time-, mind-, and paper-and-pencil-consuming collaborative data drawing project, Giorgia and Stefanie only met in person twice.

Those two meetings were at Eyeo 2013 and Eyeo 2014, so no wonder they had a very special conference in mind at which to first showcase it together!

Dear Data has always meant to be a personal challenge: they have been trying to extend themselves in both their data collection and their drawing technique: nudging themselves out of their comfort zone, and exploring and expanding on where one can find data and how it can be represented using new visual systems. Giorgia and Stefanie will share how compulsively-collecting and drawing mundane and messy personal data every week for a year (and posting it via snail mail to each other) has offered a chance for investigations and insights into their profession, their personal selves, and each other’s lives. @_deardata