Wes Grubbs

Wesley Grubbs is an artist, data visualizer and provocateur based in Berkeley, CA. In 2007 he founded Pitch Interactive, a studio who's focus is weaving code with design with statistics to find versatile solutions to communicate complex data for clients such as Google, Wired, GE, Esquire, Scientific American, Popular Science and the McKnight Foundation.

Built upon his experiences living abroad, degrees held in International Economics and Information Systems and his innate interest in the brain and cognition, Wes' work focuses on revealing patterns about human behavior and how our actions impact our surroundings.

Pitch Interactive's work spans illustrations, physical installations, console game user interfaces, software applications, websites and textiles. Their work has been showcased at the MoMA's TalkToMe exhibit in in New York, the McKnight Foundation's 30 year anniversary exhibit, the Foosaner Art Museum's "The Art of Networks" exhibit, The Max Planck Science Express Train, the Data Flow books and many other internationally acclaimed publications.

Workshop: Connecting with Your Environment: Arduino Workshop

Sound, light, temperature, humidity. How can we turn these into data we can use to analyze and visualize?

This workshop covers the essentials for building your own environmental sensor kit where you can collect multiple types of data about your environment. We’ll connect the Arduino micro-controller platform to several sensors (including, but not limited to temperature, humidity, light and sound) and a solder-less breadboard. The data will be recorded locally and we will provide a few tools to work with that data.

Participants will learn about working with Arduino and sensors and recording and monitoring sensor data giving you the background to build your own applications and sensors.

This workshop is for everyone, but some understanding of creating prototypes with an Arduino is advised. If you have no prior experience, contact Wes directly and let him know so he can point you to some key places to get an introduction before his workshop.

Note: An additional flat fee of $60 will be needed to cover all equipment needs that you will be able to take home.