SFPC Alumni

Students from the School for Poetic Computation (SFPC) offer sessions at Eyeo 2014 to share research, experiences and skills developed during the first session of the school that ran in late 2013. Taking the form of small Kitchen-Table coding workshops, they will share a taste of the SFPC experience with the EYEO community and showcase experimental approaches to teaching and learning developed in this educational project.

Kitchen-Table coding workshops* take the form of small group sessions designed for an intimate and flexible exploration of a particular theme or approach to coding and computational thinking. The group sizes are limited to 5 attendees (groups must be able to fit around a standard kitchen table) in order to create a safe, informal and relaxed atmosphere for collaborative learning. This format fosters conversation and encourages engagement with what might otherwise be considered 'silly questions' in a traditional classroom setting. Sessions will run for approximately 2 hours.

THESE WORKSHOPS ARE FREE, BUT SPACE IS SUPER LIMITED (5 people/workshop) and REQUIRE ADVANCED SIGN UP. Learn about the workshops and sign up here here.

Tega Brain
Mini Kim
Le Wei
Jonathan Wohl
Jonathan Dahan
Simona de Rosa
Peng Cheng

For more information about the School for Poetic Computation please visit the school website (http://sfpc.io/).

*KTC is an approach to coding education developed by the Kitchen Table Coders who are Amit Pitaru, David Nolan & Ted Hayes. They continue to run these sessions in their Greenpoint studio in Brooklyn.