Michael Chang

Michael Chang (Flux) is a creative technologist who has worked with Data Arts Team at Google on visualizations and generative art that you see on Chrome Experiments, most recently Small Arms Trade visualization and Generative Machines. Prior to that, he worked with Yahoo's yHaus on data visualization and Motion Theory on generative animation.

When not in the generative and data art think-space, Michael works as an indie game developer, having helped Neal Stephenson's Subutai Corporation on prototyping motion controlled sword fighting and currently serves as lead developer for Puny Human's indie game, Blade Symphony.

Michael Chang graduated from UCLA Design | Media Arts.

Workshop: Visualizing Data with THREE.js

Information is literally at your fingertips but what the heck do we do with any of it? How do we make sense of these comma separated values, these tables upon tables of numbers? And more importantly, what are some good ways to share this with others?

Michael Chang has spent the last few years with Google's Data Arts Team to build compelling visualization that bring to life data that would have been otherwise overlooked. Harnessing the graphics power of WebGL by way of a library called THREE.js, this workshop will show you the ways to get from JSON to AWESOME.

Skills to bring

Software to bring
-Your favorite code / text editor
-An internet browser (preferably Chrome or Firefox)
-Download the latest three.js http://github.com/mrdoob/three.js

Bring Your Own Data (BYOD) if possible! JSON Format is best.