Lauren McCarthy

Lauren McCarthy is an artist and programmer based in Brooklyn, NY. Her work explores the structures and systems of social interactions, identity, and self-representation, and the potential for technology to mediate, manipulate, and evolve these interactions. She is adjunct faculty at NYU ITP and RISD, a Processing fellow, and recently a resident at Eyebeam. Lauren has worked on installations for the London Eye, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, IBM, US Holocaust Memorial Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Thomas Jefferson’s home at Monticello. Her artwork has been shown in a variety of contexts, including the Conflux Festival, SIGGRAPH, LACMA, the Japan Media Arts Festival, the Share Festival, the File Festival, Eyebeam, the WIRED Store, and probably to you –  without your knowing it – at some point while interacting with her.

Workshop: Intro to Creative Coding on the Web with p5.js

If you're a complete beginner to creative coding, JavaScript development, or curious about what it's like to make Processing sketches in the browser, then this workshop is for you! Come to this hands-on workshop to learn about creative coding with p5.js, a new JavaScript library for creating graphic and interactive experiences, based on the core principles of Processing. We will go through the basics of the p5.js, API and work on creative projects to get you started.  

Bring a laptop or tablet with a up-to-date web browser and text editor (for code). Please have these installed before arriving at the workshop. No programming experience required.

Applications to download in advance:

Looking for a code editor? We recommend Sublime Text

Session: You, Me and My Computer

Can we use technology to help us be more human? To smile more, to touch and to listen to each other? What if a computer could make decisions about our social relationships better than we could ourselves? Would our interactions be improved by algorithmically determining what to do and say? What happens if we crowdsource our dating lives and actually find love? A series of attempts to understand through hacking, art, and self-experimentation.