Kyle McDonald

Kyle McDonald is a media artist who works with code, with a background in philosophy and computer science. He creates intricate systems with playful realizations, sharing the source and challenging others to create and contribute. Kyle is a regular collaborator on arts-engineering initiatives such as openFrameworks, having developed a number of extensions which provide connectivity to powerful image processing and computer vision libraries.

For the past few years, Kyle has applied these techniques to problems in 3D sensing, for interaction and visualization, starting with structured light techniques, and later the Kinect. Kyle's work ranges from hyper-formal glitch experiments to tactical and interrogative installations and performance. He was recently Guest Researcher in residence at the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media, Japan, and is currently adjunct professor at ITP.

Workshop: Glitch

"...our control of technology is an illusion, and ... digital tools [are] only as perfect, precise, and efficient as the humans who build them." - Kim Cascone

How do the tools and media we use affect the work we create? What biases are embedded in the software and data formats we take for granted? In this workshop we will reverse, invert, and deconstruct prescribed workflows. We'll empower ourselves by digging into the intricacies of media formats. We'll explore the limitations of our tools, and exploit the strange behavior at those limits.

This workshop exists somewhere between generative art, programming, hacking, and conditional design, structured into a lecture with follow-along examples, and a couple group exercises. By the end everyone will have a deeper insight into computation in general, and will walk away with skills that can be used across a variety of media and tools.

To get the most out of this workshop, you should have at least one year experience programming in Processing, but many of the tools and exercises will simply require a flexible mind rather than programming expertise.