Kate Crawford

Kate Crawford is a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research (Social Media Collective), a Visiting Professor at the MIT Center for Civic Media, a Senior Fellow at the Information Law Institute at NYU, and an Associate Professor at the University of New South Wales.

She researches how people engage with networked technologies, and analyzes the political, cultural, legal, philosophical and policy-making implications. She's done interview-based studies in Australia, India and the US, in big cities and in very small towns. Kate is interested in how networked data becomes part of our understanding of knowledge, privacy, democracy, intimacy and subjectivity. Her first book 'Adult Themes' was through Pan Macmillan, and she's currently working on a new book.

Keynote: Big Data Anxieties

What does the lived reality of big data feel like? How is our culture adapting to the 'big data moment' in the knowledge that our data is constantly collected by both state and corporate actors? What happens to traditional concept of politics and ethics? This talk traces the emerging big data anxieties on both sides of the fence: the surveillers and those being surveilled. How can artists and technologists engage with the tools that address these issues?

Panel: What a Difference a Year Makes: Data, Art & Ethics in a Post-Snowden World

On June 5th, 2013, The Guardian announced the leak of thousands of classified documents by NSA contractor Edward Snowden. These revelations (and others) have sparked a global conversation about data, privacy & ethical responsibility. Join a group of artists, theorists, researchers and practitioners for a discussion on what has changed, and how the Eyeo community can learn from and contribute to the ongoing dialogue.