Darius Kazemi

Darius Kazemi is a programmer who builds weird internet stuff. His work focuses primarily on autonomous bots and generative toys that do absurd things. His best known work is the Random Shopper, a program that bought him random books, DVDs, and CDs from Amazon each month. He also has a small army of Twitter bots, many of which lampoon and imitate human Twitter behavior, including a lot of bots that tell bad jokes over and over. Mostly he builds autonomous things to make himself laugh, and then later is surprised when he discovers that these things are actually doing interesting stuff.

Session: Quantity

Code is weird. A simple `for` loop can, in a few seconds, generate more information than a human being can consume in a lifetime. When we make art with code, we have to confront this fact. So how do you compose for infinity? You start by assuming that quality, finesse, polish, elegance, coherence, and thoughtfulness are wholly undesirable traits. When composing for infinity, these traits should be absent not only from the things we create, but from the creative process itself.