Amit Pitaru

Amit Pitaru is a coder, artist, and educator from Brooklyn NY.

Amit currently works at FiftyThree (maker of the Paper App and Pencil Stylus), where he helps dream up, design and prototype tools that allow creativity to flow.

As an educator, Amit develops curricula that focus on the coupling of technology and the creative thought process. He taught at New York University’s ITP and Cooper Union’s Arts department. He is a co-founder of two alternative teaching institutions - Kitchen Table Coders and The School for Poetic Computation.

As an artist, Amit develops novel instruments and methods for making music, animation, and dance. His work has been exhibited at the London Design Museum, Paris Pompidou Center, Lincoln Center, Israel National Museum, Sundance Film festival, Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art, and ICC Museum in Tokyo.

Amit is a recipient of a MacArthur grant for documenting his work in the field of assistive technology: “Making everyday software and video games more accessible to children with disabilities.” His writing on this subject was recently published by MIT Press.

Panel: Augmented Education

The panel will explore how new media might augment education. We’ll focus on the properties of the medium, both good and bad: Can new, interactive media help us with traditional subjects like reading, writing, and math? Conversely, are there cases where pencil and paper are the best tools for learning programming? There will be plenty of time for a lively discussion sparked by the panelists' experiences and demos.