The Program

Monday, June 1st
• Monday / 9:00 — 5:00 / TBD
The Eyeo Code+Diversity Summit is a one-day, participatory conversation which will focus on issues of inclusion and diversity in the creative coding community. We’ll bring together practitioners, educators, employers and advocates to discuss important questions around this issue, and to develop frameworks for change.

This mini-conference will follow a ‘wiki’ format in which participants will determine the topics and structure of the day. All attendees are welcome and encouraged to propose and lead sessions.

This is a separate, ticketed event, open to Eyeo attendees and the general public. More info is available at the Code+ed Summit page.

• Monday / 9:00 — 5:00 / Walker Art Center – Bazinet Lobby
You won’t find these workshops anywhere but at Eyeo. Each workshop requires a separate registration. Arrive at 9am to the Bazinet Lobby to check in and we’ll help you get to the right place.

9:00am – Workshop: Incorporating Kinect v2 Into Creative Coding Experiences – Ben Lower
• Monday / 9:00 — 5:00 /
Workshop Fee: $300.00
Materials Fee: None.


Kinect v2 has dramatically improved capabilities over the v1 device: HD color, 3x depth fidelity, clean IR, and improved microphones. This workshop introduces the new, Kinect v2 sensor and its capabilities. You will learn how to incorporate it in your applications/experiences/installations. We will cover our Unity3D plug-in and show how it can be used to get Kinect data into Unity3D. Kinect Common Bridge will also be covered along with plugins for openFrameworks and Cinder. Everyone will leave the session with a Kinect v2, a 500GB HDD with Windows 8.1 (You can run everything on this drive on your Mac at the event and afterward) and a full licenses for Windows 8.1!

Skill Level: Intro – Intermediate
• Basic knowledge of programming (C# or C++)
• Knowledge of Cinder, OF, or Unity

• Introduction to Kinect v2 (sensor & APIs)
• How to bring Kinect data & APIs to Unity3D, Cinder & openFrameworks
• Hands on time & experimentation – you will get up & running on your own machine
(note: Kinect v2 requires USB3.0 and DirectX11 capable GPU)

What to Bring
• Any computer (including Mac) that has USB3.0, DirectX11 GPU, and 4GB of RAM.
• Windows 8/8.1
• Visual Studio 2012 or 2013 Express/Pro/Ultimate
• Unity3D Pro (for those wanting to use Unity, 30 day trial available)
• Cinder (optional)
• openFrameworks (optional)
• Power cord for your computer : )
• An idea of how you might want to use Kinect in a project

9:00am – Workshop: Intro to Interactive Light Art – Micah Elizabeth Scott
• Monday / 9:00 — 5:00 /
Workshop Fee: $300.00
Materials Fee: $100.00


This is a hands-on class where you’re creating a physical object you can control with code! With over 100 individually controlled full-color LEDs, it’s like you can create virtual light sources that move around your work any way you like. You’ll even create lights that respond directly to a visitor’s motion, using simple computer vision techniques. This workshop is all about giving you the electronics, software, and fabrication skills you need to start working with interactive light art as a creative medium.

• Learn how to solder
• Learn enough about electricity to safely power your LEDs
• Learn to use Fadecandy and Processing to animate your LEDs
• Animate your light art using images, video, sound, and motion
• Create a small piece of light art that doubles as a construction kit for further experimentation

Skill Level: Intro

• Short introductory lecture
• Learn to solder
• Assemble the electronics
• Intro to Processing and Fadecandy
• Creative time: programming and crafting

What to Bring
• Bring a laptop!
• For the full experience, you’ll need two free USB ports.
• Mac OS 10.6 or later / Windows 7 or later
• We’ll have software available in-class, but you can save some time by installing Processing ahead of time.
• Aside from your laptop, all tools you need will be available in class: but if you have your own favorite soldering iron, crafting tools, or materials, feel free to bring them.

9:00am – Workshop: Energy By Hand (Making Solar Textiles) – Amor Muñoz
• Monday / 9:00 — 5:00 /
Workshop Fee: $300.00
Materials Fee: $55.00


This workshop is an introduction to solar energy and basic analog electronics applied to textile work. Learn to make a flexible solar panel and a textile rechargeable mini lamp and create your own USB solar charger! Discover the potential of combining: Craft & Technology; Tradition & Innovation; Low & High Tech.

Skill Level: Intro

• Learn basics of electronics and the principles of solar energy
• Understand how the e-textiles work
• Explore new materials
• Learn about looms used to create textiles and conductive thread
• Make a flexible solar panel and a soft rechargeable mini lamp
• Create a handcraft USB solar charger for your smartphone or tablet!

What to Bring
• Notebook
• Colored Pencils
• Pen
• Ruler
• Recycled fabrics (some pieces)

9:00am – Workshop: Music Visualizations with p5.js – Jason Sigal
• Monday / 9:00 — 5:00 /
Workshop Fee: $300.00
Materials Fee: None


The web is transforming the way we experience music. So let’s use the web to design new music experiences. In the process, we’ll learn about p5.js, a JavaScript library that reimagines Processing’s creative code methodologies for the web.

Create audio-reactive online music visualizations. We’ll use p5.js and p5.sound.js to bring the Processing approach to Web Audio. Learn digital audio concepts through interactive, tinkerable code examples. We’ll share methods for mapping sound data to meaningful visuals, and collaborate to create new music visualizations.

Skill Level: Intro/Intermediate
No experience necessary, though some familiarity with code (especially Processing / p5 / JavaScript), and/or sound may be helpful.

• Introduce p5, p5.sound, the Web Audio API, and the concept of music visualization
• Brainstorm visualization ideas
• Demonstrate a few digital audio concepts through interactive examples and code
• Cover sound sources (microphone, soundfile, synthesized sound), and analysis (amplitude, frequency spectrum)
• Code/create a template for sound-reactive visuals
• Start hacking
We’ll set aside some time at the end of the workshop for participants to share what they’ve made with the group. I’ll also have a centralized place to share links to what we made.

Other concepts/code examples that may be addressed given time & interest include:
• Peak detection
• Generating and working w/ lyric files (or other timestamped data)
• Synthesizing musical patterns and mapping them to visuals
• Using the p5.dom library to add a drag-and-drop area for mp3s
• Loading music from external API’s
• Recording sound

What to Bring
• Bring a laptop!
• An up-to-date web browser. Firefox or Chrome are recommended for the most comprehensive Web Audio support.
• A code editor
• Headphones
• Also a pen and paper to sketch out your ideas

9:00am – Workshop: Intro to D3 + BYOD – Scott Murray
• Monday / 9:00 — 5:00 /
Workshop Fee: $300.00
Materials Fee: None


d3.js is the most powerful tool for data visualizations on the web, yet it has a bit of a reputation for being hard to learn. This workshop will help you clear those initial conceptual hurdles, so after, all of D3’s crazy syntax will make perfect sense, guaranteed. Also, in the BYOD portion, we will take participants’ actual data and walk through an example project or two, to illustrate how you might approach a real-world D3 project, start to finish.

Confused by d3.js? Interested in coding data visualizations on the web, but don’t know where to start? The first half of this workshop will have you transforming data into visual images in no time at all, starting from scratch and building an interactive scatterplot by the end of the session.

The second half of this workshop is BYOD — Bring Your Own Data. You provide a data set, and together we’ll go step-by-step through how to get your data into D3 and create something visual with it.

Skill Level: Intro
No prior D3 experience necessary, but prior web experience (HTML, CSS) is needed, and prior programming experience (though not necessarily JavaScript) is helpful.

• Intro to D3
• Selecting and creating elements
• SVG images and elements
• Transitions and scales
• We’ll survey the class, discuss hopes and dreams (and data)
• Working with some participants’ data, we’ll walk through an example project or two together

What to Bring
• Laptop (Mac, Windows, or Linux are all cool)
• A current web browser (Chrome, ideally)
• Your favorite text or code editor (like Sublime, or Brackets)
• If possible, a local web server (like MAMP or WAMP or a Python server), but don’t sweat it if this sounds cryptic (we’ll talk about it in person)
• A data set that you are excited to explore and represent, ideally in a single file in CSV or JSON format

• Monday / 7:00 — late / The Guthrie Theater
The Eyeo Festival officially kicks off Tuesday night with keynotes and cocktails.

9:00pm – IGNITE! @ Eyeo
• Monday / 9:00 — 10:30 / Aria
Eyeo attendees, fellows and friends submitted some great ideas for Ignite talks and it’s their turn to take the stage. Join us for 12 back-to-back five minute talks. Slides auto-advance every 15 seconds. It’s thrilling, efficient, informative, and sometimes a train wreck you just can’t look away from.

Tuesday, June 2nd
• Tuesday / 10:00 — 5:00 / Walker Art Center
All daytime Eyeo content: talks, labs and lounges will be at the Walker Art Center.

• Tuesday / 7:00 — 10:00 / Aria

Wednesday, June 3rd
• Wednesday / 10:00 — 5:00 / Walker Art Center
All daytime Eyeo content: talks, labs and lounges will be at the Walker Art Center.

8:00pm – FLEX NIGHT
• Wednesday / 8:00 — late / Around the City & then Nye’s
No talks Wednesday Night. Get out and about and check out the town. Have long dinner or a long walk or both, or a long nap. Let’s all meet up later at an evening staple of the eyeo experience, Nye’s Bar, which is heartbreakingly closing in 2015 after 65 years of glory.

Thursday, June 4th
• Thursday / 10:00 — 5:00 / Walker Art Center
All daytime Eyeo content: talks, labs and lounges will be at the Walker Art Center.

• Thursday / 7:00 — late / Nicollet Island Pavillion
Join us for the final talks followed by a closing party.