Hannah Davis is a programmer and generative musician based in NYC. Her work falls along the lines of music generation, data sonification, artificial intelligence, and sentiment analysis. For a few years now she has been working on an algorithm called TransProse, which identifies emotions in a piece of text and translates it into a musical piece with a similar emotional tone. A human-computer collaboration, where she analyzed the sentiment of articles talking about technology over time, was recently performed by an orchestra at The Louvre.

Hannah is currently working on creating unique datasets for art and machine learning, and is also working on a project to generatively score films. Through her work on emotions in AI, she’s become particularly interested in the idea of "subjective data" and has recently started further research into this area. She is a 2017 AI Grant recipient.
Workshop: Turning Data into Sound and Music


Data sonification lets us think and reason about data in an entirely new way! It can reveal variables and dimensions that would otherwise stay below the surface. On top of that, data sonification can also be used to create music and other creative projects!

This workshop will introduce users to the field of data sonification, or turning data into sound. We’ll look at different real-world examples, and see data from politics, sports, literature, and others turned into sound and music. We’ll look at the various types of data sonification, and how to decide which types are best suited for which types of data. We’ll see how to implement data sonification with several different tools. We’ll also look at music generation as a subset of data sonification. By the end of the workshop, participants will understand the field of data sonification and be able to implement it using a tool of their choice.

SKILL LEVEL: Intro/Intermediate

• Introduction to sonification; examples and use cases.
• Deciding what the best type of sonification is for types of data, and talking about appropriate mappings. Talk about any datasets that attendees brought to the workshop.
• Go over tools for data sonification, and implement three examples in different frameworks.
• Work with participants to implement data sonification projects of their own.

• personal laptop
• headphones

Attendees should feel free to bring their own dataset to sonify. Otherwise, sample datasets will be provided to download.