Founded by Bret Victor, Dynamicland is a non-profit long-term research group in the spirit of Doug Engelbart and Xerox PARC. They're inventing a new computational medium where people work together with real objects in the real world, not alone with virtual objects on screens. They’re building a community workspace in the heart of Oakland, CA–  the entire building is the computer.

Their mission is to incubate a humane dynamic medium whose full power is accessible to all people. Dynamicland is an authoring environment, and everyone is an author. People make what they need for themselves. They learn through immersion. The true power of the dynamic medium — programmability — is for everyone.

Driven by the need for a new medium to understand and address the world's critical problems, Bret co-founded the CDG research lab with computing pioneer Alan Kay, and finally discovered how to close the loop and bring dynamic media into the real world. After three years inventing and prototyping the foundations of Dynamicland, his team is now making it a reality.