Eyeo Code+ed Summit

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014 @ Intermedia Arts in Minneapolis, MN.

What is it?

The Eyeo Code+ed Summit is a one-day, participatory conversation on teaching people how to code creatively.
We’ll bring together educators, artists, researchers and influential commentators to discuss some of the important questions that are currently surrounding art, code, data & pedagogy:

Where will it be held?

Code+ed will be held at Intermedia Arts, a multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary arts space in Minneapolis, MN.
Transportation will be provided between the Code+ed venue and official Eyeo hotels.

Who should attend?

The summit is open to teachers, students, and anyone interested in the future of creative coding pedagogy.
Jer Thorp is coordinating the event. Many of the talented artists and educators in the Eyeo 2014 lineup will also be present.

What is the program?

This mini-conference will follow a ‘wiki’ format, meaning that the schedule for the event will be constructed and edited by the attendees themselves, based on their shared enthusiasms and interests.
You can start getting involved by adding a question to the ones listed in the feed above, which is fed by an editable Google Spreadsheet.

How can you register?

Registration for the Eyeo Code+ed Summit is required; attendance is limited to 100.
When registration opens on February 3rd, 2014.