BUFU is a collaborative living archive centered around (pan)black and (pan)asian cultural and political relationships. The founders of this project, are a collective of queer, femme and non-binary, black and east-asian artists and organizers. Their goal is to facilitate a global conversation on the relationship between black and asian diasporas, with an emphasis on building solidarity, de-centering whiteness, and resurfacing our deeply interconnected and complicated histories. They attempt to achieve this through collaborative programming, visual archives, and through building long-term partnerships with collectives, organizations, and individuals.

WYFY (With You For You)

BUFU is By Us For Us // WYFY With You For You. A project based collective interested in Solidarity amongst Us, co-creating with You experimental models of organizing & making - generating prestige & mining time as a resource. Together we will hack pedagogyxpraxis to unearth community as technology and honor the archive of our bodies.


Panel: In All the Right Places

In her recent book How to Do Nothing, the artist Jenny Odell writes about what Hannah Arendt calls ‘spaces of appearance’, which were, for Arendt, defined by collections of people who speak meaningfully together. For Odell, it is a space where she is 'addressed, understood and challenged'; spaces of appearance are places where ‘we gather, we say what we mean, and then we act’. In this panel discussion, we’ll talk about how these kinds of spaces are being created both online and in the real world, and how they might be utilized at a time where there is a critical need for consensus and community action. Moderated by Jeremy Thorp.