Mike Tucker is an Interactive Director at Magic Leap, a company focused on creating the future of Spatial Computing. His work explores the space of interactive arts and music. Together with the musicians Sigur Rós, they recently launched Tónandi: an audiovisual experience for Magic Leap One. He hopes to encourage the next wave of spatial designers to question our expectations of media, and the opportunity we all have in designing a mixed reality future.

Mike's past work includes the VR experience Tana Pura with Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood, collaborated with Encyclopedia Pictura to dream up the Kanye West video game, and spent a few years with Universal Everything making a variety of projects including Radiohead's Polyfauna. Four years ago he joined a startup called Magic Leap in their pursuit to create a new Spatial Computing platform. There he worked with prototype hardware-- experimenting with unique features including hand and eye tracking, spatial controllers, and optics. As the product matured, he shifted focus to shipping a particularly interesting prototype: Tónandi, an interactive, spatial music experience. At Eyeo he hopes to share some findings and talk a little bit about the process from this journey.

New Doors of Perception: Explorations Into Mixed Reality

As Mixed Reality begins to break into the mainstream, artists and developers are met with a unique, new canvas to create the previously deemed impossible.