Lucianne Walkowicz
Lucianne Walkowicz is an astronomer at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago, and the 2017-2018 Baruch S. Blumberg NASA/LOC Chair in Astrobiology. She studies the ethics of Mars exploration, stellar magnetic activity, how stars influence a planet’s suitability as a host for alien life, and how to use advanced computing to discover unusual events in large astronomical data sets. Walkowicz is the founding director of the LSSTC Data Science Fellowship Program, an initiative to provide astronomy graduate students with training in advanced computing. In 2018, Walkowicz co-founded The JustSpace Alliance, a nonprofit organization who mission is to advocate for a more inclusive and ethical future in space, and to harness visions of tomorrow for a more just and equitable world today. Walkowicz holds a BS in Physics and Astronomy from Johns Hopkins University, an MS and PhD in Astronomy from the University of Washington, and held postdoctoral fellowships at UC Berkeley and Princeton prior to joining the Adler Planetarium. She is also a TED Senior Fellow and a practicing artist, working in a variety of media, from performance to sound.
Encountering the Universe

On any given day, you can have an unplanned encounter with art or literature out in the world, whether it’s through public sculpture, or a quote carved above a building doorway. But what about science? Lucianne will be talking about a series of experiments at the intersection of art, science, and experience, through which she intends to illuminate human connection to the universe we live in.

MONDAY, JUNE 3rd • 8:00PM • ARIA