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Festival Pass

We have an amazing collection of people coming to be a part of Eyeo, and we want our attendees and guests to get as much out of it as possible. Inspiration, collaboration, access and fun. We limit the scale in order to maintain the kind of atmosphere we know works best. Bigger is not better. Eyeo is special. We want you in the mix. This includes access to all talks + evening events.



Pre-Conference All-Day Workshop(s)

You wanna take them all, but you can only take one. Workshops take place at the Walker Art Center on Monday, June 3th, 2019. We don’t have all the details yet but when we do you’ll find them over on the workshop page. If a workshop sells out get on the waitlist below.



Code+Libraries Summit

Code+Libraries will be held Monday, June 3rd at the Minneapolis Central Library. Code+Libraries is a day-long open summit in which participants will explore ways that Libraries and the creative coding community can work together to create new forms of collaboration, to empower learners and to strengthen communities.  Structured as an ‘un-conference’, it provides a forum for every attendee to lead discussions, present work, teach workshops and devise new models for effective communication. The summit is open to anyone. Attendance is limited to 100 participants. This is a “pay what you can” event. Minimum is $10 with a suggested payment of $40.

$10.00 – $40.00


If a workshop sells out get on the WORKSHOP WAITLIST

Donate for Access

Share the love, share the access. When you buy tickets this year you’ll see an option to ‘Donate to Access’. If you value a diverse audience at Eyeo as we do, this is an opportunity to kick in some funds (any amount) to support that. Your donation will be used to bring more accessibility, diversity and inclusion to Eyeo via scholarships, fellowships and services. It’s better with everyone.


refunds & transfers

Tickets are non-refundable, but they are transferable. Transfers must be submitted to us via email by May 6th, 2019. Email us for details.


We only accept payments online via credit cards or paypal accounts. We use Eventbrite for registration and Paypal to process the transactions. NOTE!.. Using corporate cards with paypal can be an issue. American Express corporate cards in particular. Mismatched billing addresses/zip codes with business/corporate cards is a common trip up as well. Have an alternative card ready, or load up a paypal account in advance.


Eventbrite prefers up-to-date browsers, so use one to register. If you run into issues where buttons or items appear to be missing, try another browser. It never hurts to try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies, just sayin’.


If you see “PENDING” for a ticket type it doesn’t mean that it’s sold out. The system shows PENDING to ensure that tickets aren’t oversold due to the multiple concurrent transactions in progress. Keep refreshing the page. The transaction time limit is 18 minutes. We know it can be frustrating, and we wish we had a magic bullet for addressing the supply & demand imbalance that makes the process a bit harrowing, but we don’t. Keep the faith and hopefully we’ll see you in June.


A festival pass will get you into everything [except] the Pre-Festival Workshops and Summit on June 3rd. The festival starts with keynotes at Aria the evening of June 3rd.


On Monday, June 3rd we’ll be hosting several Pre-Festival Workshops. They require a separate, specific registration.


On Monday, June 3rd we’ll host the 7th event in our series of Eyeo Summits. The theme for 2019 is Code+Libraries. This mini-conference will follow a ‘wiki’ format in which participants will determine the topics and structure of the day. All attendees are welcome and encouraged to propose and lead sessions. This is a separate, ticketed event, open to anyone interested in the creative coding community. It takes place on June 3rd from 9am-5pm, preceding the festival’s opening keynotes that evening. More info is available at the Code Summit page.


The Eyeo Festival is dedicated to an inclusive, harassment-free experience for everyone regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, accessibility needs, appearance, or religion. Our complete policy can be found here. We take this very seriously.


When you buy your tickets we’ll ask for some info. We use this to plan the event and make sure we have the right things lined up in the right quantities. We’ll include your name, organization name, sometimes your twitter handle or the town you’re from city on your eyeo badge as you list it when you register. We won’t/don’t sell your demographic data to anybody. That seems dirty. You’re our beloved guests. (Who would do that?)

Student Volunteers

There are no student rate tickets. It’s not because we don’t like students – we love students! In exchange for volunteering during Eyeo you can attend the festival for free. It’s a good experience. You’ll get to see a lot of talks and make new friends from other schools. Peachy.


*Travel and accommodations are not included or provided by Eyeo.

Eyeo Fellowships

Artist Fellowships

If you’re a practicing artist we encourage you to apply for one of the Eyeo 2019 artist fellowships. Let us know how attending Eyeo will affect your art practice. If you’re selected, you get a complimentary pass to the festival.


Non-Profit Fellowships

If you run or work for a non-profit we encourage you to apply for an Eyeo 2019 non-profit fellowship. There’s a lot of good out there to be done and we salute you for fighting the good fight. Let us know what you’ll gain from attending Eyeo. We’ll award gratis festival tickets to individuals from different NPs.


*Travel and accommodations are not included or provided by Eyeo.

Inclusion & Diversity Scholarships

These scholarships provide funding for travel, lodging and a festival pass. They are intended to broaden the audience at Eyeo by supporting attendees from groups that are typically underrepresented at the tech-centric events like ours. In this case, underrepresented can refer to several things, including, but not limited to; race, gender, identity, accessibility needs, socio-economic status, as well as fields of study/ employment/ participation. Applications are judged by an outside panel.