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Past Talks

Talks from previous years can be seen on our Vimeo page.

2017 Eyeo Website

We’ve archived all the content and resources from the 2017 Eyeo website.

2018 Ignite Talks

On opening night we give the stage to a handful of attendees who’ve proposed a 5 minute talk.
Here are the 2018 participants.

• Sophia Brueckner – Embodisuit
• Brandon Dorn – Mark Lombardi and the Moral Lives of Graphs
• Claire Kearney-Volpe – The Ability Project
• Madeeha Merchant – Cognitive AI, in the Absence of Perfect Knowledge
• Brett Jackson – Q & AAAGH!
• Andy Bergman – The ‘Computerized’ Spectrum I Color Test
• Ari Melenciano – Computational Concerts
• Laura Scholl – Cultivating Mind-Less-Ness with Real-Time Data
• Amit Pitaru – Hello Morse

2018 Show & Tell

Show & Tell is where we give the stage (and projector) to attendees to show (and, well, tell) what they’ve been working on. Presentations happen over the lunch hour.

Tuesday, June 5th

12:10 – 1:05


• Katie Lee – “Bernstein:The Power of Music” media installations
• Ethan Edwards – Hades (Narrative AR)
• Grant Custer – Picture Hanging Arrangement Generator
• Jennifer Presto – Under One Roof
• Jamie Williams – Visual Tools for film-to-comics Adaptations
• Shruti Dhariwal – Scratch Memories:Data Celebrating Creativity
• Mike Edwards – The Future of Water—a VR Design Experiment
• Olivia Cueva – Using Emerging Tech as Tools of Resistance
• Charles Yust – SFMOMA+frog Immersive Magritte Gallery


• Suyash Joshi – Augmenting your Mind
• Vivien Sin – ‘In Dialogue’, ‘Of Vanitas’, ‘La Technologie..’
• Corrine Ellsworth-Beaumont – Know Your Lemons
• Cheng Xu – Vote with your Feet
• Michael Yun – Stanford Morphogenesis
• Lowell Robinson – Handheld Microscopy
• Anna Caldwell – Welcoming Walls
• Justin Kuhn – Collegiate Creative Coding
• Miles DeCoster – The Mississippi

Wednesday, June 6th

12:10 – 1:05


• Nancy Proctor – MWX19 Exhibition Call
• Duncan Geere – Visualizing Endangered Languages
• Lindsay Diamond – Working with Immunization Data
• Cristobal Valenzuela – Runway ML
• Matt Jakob – New Principles of Generative Design
• Sinan Ascioglu – Teach Creative Code w/ OpenProcessing
• Marlene Rogalski – Visualizing Payroll Workflows
• Michelle Carney – Auditory Data Representation
• Roula Gholmieh – Delirious Things


• Heather Kelley – Trente Pas (Version Musical)
• Anna Sawyer – Old World French Leathercraft
• Ryan Herr – Let’s Program a Banjo Grammar!
• Georgina Voss – Supra Systems Studio
• Aaron Montoya-Moraga – Material World/Transparency
• Caroline Record – Making of Curious Collections
• Matthew Guay – Understanding Biomedical Images
• Ruby Chen – A Small Laugh Box
• TBD – Open

Thursday, June 7th

12:40 – 1:35


• Natalie Kane – Digital Design Collecting
• Greg Giordano – Interactivity at the Urban Scale
• Yori Kvitchko – Incredible Doom – A VR Comic
• Andrew Catellier – avgday: Time + Lossy Human Memory
• Sam Nosenzo – tSNE Motion Sculpture(openFrameworks/ML4A)
• Andrea Lipps – Collecting Digital Design at Smithsonian
• Eric Skogen – Storyboarder
• Jane Wells – Tate Exchange: Art Museum as Civic Space
• Brian Romer – Ursa Major In Aeternum


• Xiaohan Zhang – My Interactive Web Art
• Luke Stanke – Visualizing Harry Potter
• Brian Lange – Dadata, by Kurt the Algorithm
• Greg Bloxham – 2 Recent Large Light Instillations
• Derrick Schultz – Years of Generative Valentines
• Molly Morin – Weightlifting Drawings
• Carlo Andrea Conte – Video Resembling Musical Synesthesia
• Alden Jones – Welcome To: Automated Conference Talk.
• Liza Stark – The Tell Tale Quilt
• James Proctor – Model City

2016 Attendee Reactions

The Love

“This event is so much more about community than about a conference.” -Kate Hartman

“I met so many of my heroes IRL, and absolutely loved every minute of it.  Most of all, it inspired me to create more; and I cannot wait to participate more in this lovely conversation you all have started…” -Harlo Holmes

“Of all the other conferences that I’m invited to, and there is nothing that feels as welcoming and inclusive as Eyeo. Just nothing.” -Stefanie Posavec

“Coming away inspired, rejuvenated, and with many new friends.” -Ben Vershbow