Xin (刘昕) is a media artist, engineer and researcher. Mixing scientific research with personal narratives, she creates transformative, participatory experiences and bodily objects to examine the constitution of subjectivity and affects : walking straight with a sand tank to measure time, a synthesized tear of my own to share with the audience, a collection of internet workers tearing up for her, a full sensory film of being a tree, a psychoacoustic mask that causes arousal with respiration sound…. Conventionally trained as an engineer, she claims technology as her native language and craft in art practice. In the midst of the paradigm shift between technology and humanity, she tries to weave new connections for active participation. The goal is to reconfigure the tools of technology, not for exploitation but for the recovery of human feelings, affects and emotions; not for hegemonic control of life but for the discovery of a bottom-up evolution through subjective experience.

Notable Project:
Tactile experience design/construction for the VR film TREE.
Alter the Perception of Self

This is me, my hair, my lip, my smell, the way my head moves and the body I live in. The sense of self is not fixed but continuously updates in response to the present information. When the body senses itself internally and localizes its actions, it provides the basis for a material sense of self existence. At the same time, our mind registers the sense of an agency with free will, the sense of being the cause of voluntary action. Present self continuously becomes the past, and by the time we look into it we are in another present, consumed with planning the future. In this talk, I will discuss my work that alters the perception of self, through multi-sensory stimulation and induced interceptive experiences.