Sands Fish is an artist and researcher at the MIT Media Lab's Civic Media group. His work falls between activism, computer science, ethnography, and design. Sands is interested in the unconsidered yet consequential assumptions embedded in objects — design for babies, for exorcisms, and for the police. His current work uses speculative design to help communities imagine and advocate for more desirable futures. Previously, he was a data visualization fellow at Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet & Society and at MIT's HyperStudio. He also co-organizes Tech Poetics, a new media art community in Boston.

A Guide To Building Parallel Realities

Speculative Design creates props for other timelines, parallel or future. It uses the language of design to shift us into another reality via objects and devices that aren't born of the status quo, or of our own time or place. In this talk, Sands will explore how, using design, art, and media, we can embody ideas and worlds in objects, and look critically at our assumptions about how our world has to be. He will detail his work at the MIT Media Lab building provocative police futures to question who participates in this design space, and how we might create more humane alternatives.