Matt Mitchell is a security researcher, operational security trainer, and data journalist who leads Cryptoparty: Harlem, impromptu workshops teaching basic cryptography tools to the predominately African American community in upper Manhattan. He worked as a data journalist and developer for The New York Times and CNN. Matt currently trains activists & journalists in digital security. His work focuses on marginalized, aggressively monitored, over-policed populations in the United States.

Good read about Matt via Motherboard: "Matt Mitchell Is Arming Underserved Communities With Anti-Surveillance Tools"
Cyber JimCrow: Virtual public housing and poor doors in digital security & surveillance

Technology allows us new tools to build a better more inclusive future but without an acknowledgement of past and ingrained biases are we doomed to fail? Due to the recent US election & the rise of white supremacist populist movements in Europe, digital security and safety information is in high demand. But, are we leaving behind those directly affected in our rush to a 'safer' future? I'll talk about my research and some possible solutions.