Marcin specializes in data visualization and computational design. He finds beauty and inspiration in structures of biological organisms, in patterns emerging from data and complexity of computer algorithms. He believes in applying these concepts to shape our understanding of technology mediated creativity.

In 2012 Marcin started – a London based studio blending design, software and aesthetics emerging from data, processes and human behavior.

From Abstraction to Realism and Back

Data visualization is about re-representing the real world through data; abstracting the complex and incomprehensible. On the other hand a big part of my work is about generative systems and computer graphics where we go in the opposite direction. We start with the basic primitives: points, lines, triangles; and combine them together with more and more sophisticated rendering algorithms in order to mimic the reality.

This talk explores that contrast and how it influences my work at Variable studio while moving fluently between both ends of the spectrum constantly changing levels of abstraction. Does data have a shape? Or is it a place we can visit? Is data art just a gimmick? What are the risks of reducing a person to just a data point? And more...