Kevin & Jennifer McCoy’s multimedia artworks examine the genres and conventions of filmmaking, memory and language. They are well known for constructing subjective databases of narrative material and making fragmentary miniature film sets with lights, video cameras, and moving sculptural elements to create live cinematic events.

The McCoys' work has been widely exhibited in the US and internationally - their exhibitions include the Pompidou Center, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, BFI Southbank in London, Hanover Kunstverein, The Beall Center in Irvine, CA, pkm Gallery in Beijing, The San Jose Museum of Art, Palazzo della Papesse, The Addison Museum of American Art, The Sundance Film Festival, and Artists Space in New York. Their work can be seen in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Milwaukee Art Museum, the 21C Museum, and the Speed Museum.
Inhabiting the World We Made

The McCoy’s look up from their nuclear family to discuss the American story, charting the path from The Little House on the Prairie to Trump Tower. "Today we demonstrate ways to make people say yes to your messaging and your management. This is science- from scientific studies.” How do we negotiate the cultural and personal implications of our choices?