Marek Tuszynski

Tactical Tech is a collective of practitioners, technologists, and activists who work to demystify the politics of data in an international context. Since its founding in 2003, Tactical Tech's work has supported thousands of human rights activists worldwide to use information and technology in their work. For the past five years, Tactical Tech has been actively exploring the political questions that arise from living in increasingly data-oriented societies worldwide – from questions of the resulting shrinking free space of civil society, to accumulative disadvantage for marginalised communities.

Session: Patterns and Shadows of Life: The View From the White Room

The “obsessive collection“ of data manifests itself in unusual ways, from the micro to the macro: mattresses that collect data on our body temperature and sleep movements; mobile flashlight apps that collect our location data; algorithms that predict the next generation of criminals and monitor the telephone communications of entire countries. During this talk I will showcase a range of reflections on our quantified society and the processes of self-quantification through Tactical Tech's recent project, the White Room. This live installation combines selected artworks, digital products, investigations, and activist projects with discussions, consultations, and demos exploring the devices we use every day, and how we can regain some control over our data.