Nicky Case

Nicky Case plays with play. They make interactive explanations, to help people understand the world, and interactive stories, to help people understand themselves. A couple years ago, Nicky made Coming Out Simulator, an autobiographical interactive story about their experience coming out as queer. It was nominated for Best Narrative at the 2015 Independent Games Festival. After that, they made a few interactives to explain math, psychology, and sociology. Most notably, they collaborated with Vi Hart to make Parable of the Polygons, a playable blog post about bias and diversity. Nicky still thinks writing about oneself in the third person is really weird.

Keynote: The Dance is Not The Dancers

A group of individual experts can collectively make dumb decisions. A community of tolerant folks can still have institutional discrimination. A whole society of normal, decent people can perpetrate mass atrocities.

Often times, it seems the noble intentions of individuals, lead to the opposite, collectively. In this talk, I show how simulations can help us understand complex social systems, why things go wrong despite everyone's best intentions – and just maybe, how we can go beyond just understanding the world's systems, to changing them.