Gene Kogan

Gene Kogan is an artist and programmer who is interested in generative systems and the application of emerging technology into artistic and expressive contexts. He writes code for live music, performance, and visual art. He contributes to open-source software projects and gives workshops and demonstrations on topics related to code and art.

He is a contributor to openFrameworks, Processing, and p5.js, an adjunct professor at Bennington College, and a former resident at Eyebeam.

Session: The Neural Aesthetic

For the past year, I've been assembling notes, demos, and artworks to help myself relearn the field of machine learning from scratch. It's given me a fresh perspective on a topic that sometimes feels like a moving target, and has helped me think through ways of making it more relevant and approachable for others. I'll share some artistic projects which probe the imaginations of neural networks, as well as in-development demos and educational resources which try to illuminate more generally what these powerful algorithms reveal about us.