Charlie Loyd

Charlie Loyd is a programmer and writer from the Pacific Northwest. He works with satellite imagery at Mapbox, on projects like cloud removal and artifact reduction. Beyond image processing, his curiosities include psychogeography, ecology, spaceflight, the Pacific Ocean, typography, the historiography of conflict, dataviz, and geoengineering. He is not interested in architecture, cities, or the intersection of technology, art, and culture.

Recently, he’s been trying to think about large ranges of scale: for example, how local senses of place relate to global contexts.

Session: Far and Smooth

“Popadantsy” is what Russian fandom calls accidental travelers in time and space. On the internet, we’re all popadantsy, and one of the wormholes is satellite imagery – a way of seeing that’s gone from top secret to our phones in a generation. I’ve been working with satellite images, and this talk is partly a report on how weird they are. From there we’ll cruise around themes of distance and familiarity, continuity and resolution, and obviously frogs.