Caroline Sinders

Caroline Sinders is a user researcher, UX designer, and artist. She holds a masters from New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program where she focused on HCI, prototyping, and interactive storytelling, and a bachelor of fine arts from New York University's Photography and Imaging Program, where she focused on digital culture, and the future of imaging. Her work focuses on the intersections of ethnography, machine learning, language, data, trauma, and online harassment. 

Caroline’s work has been featured in the Contemporary Art Museum of Houston,, Fusion News, Washington Post, New York Magazine, Babycastles Gallery, IXDA and the 32nd Chaos Communication Congress (32c3). She recently completed a residency at Studio for Creative Inquiry on her Designing Consent Into Social Networks research. 

Session: Designing Consent into Conversational Spaces

Digital spaces, digital communication, and social media platforms are changing the ways in which people create language, use language, and engage with language. Conversations can be shared and stored, as data, in so many ways than ever before. These spaces engender new kinds of discovery and interaction, including harassment and political organization. What is the role of design within this space? Can design mitigate harassment in decentralized spaces while still offering the ability to converse and promote safety while offering users actually agency within a system? I believe that it can. This talk aims to cover the implications and intersections of design, harassment, privacy, language, users' rights, and data within social networks.

Panel: Tech-Driven Activism

How can code-based practices contribute to effective activism? How can activist approaches allow us to examine and interrogate systems of technology? In this panel, a diverse group of artists and activists will discuss how they are approaching these questions through their work and research. Moderated by Jer Thorp.