Shazna Nessa

Shazna Nessa is director of journalism at Knight Foundation. She was a 2014 John S. Knight journalism fellow at Stanford University, where her work focused on visual literacy and data visualization, using human-centered approaches. Previously she was a deputy managing editor at the Associated Press in New York, leading innovation projects around data, interactivity, mobile and social media.

Shazna has taught at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism in New York. As an adjunct professor at CUNY, she created and taught the school’s inaugural design course.

Panel: Data + Journalism

- What is data journalism?

- How is data being applied in different types of journalism, including visualization, investigation, drones, hardware - and other areas?

- Where do you get inspiration from? How do you apply that to your journalism?

- How is a general audience responding to data journalism?

- What techniques do data journalists use to make their work comprehensible and bring their audience along with them, in what sometimes is a specialized area?

- How do you avoid over-complicating or over-simplifying things?

- Who do you design/report for?

- How do you pull out data from stories for your audience?

- What are some of the boundaries/constraints in journalism, where you have to get creative with data?