Nicky Case

Nicky Case makes public domain playables.

Playable Projects:
- Parable of the Polygons, a playable post on how harmless choices can make a harmful world.
- Nothing To Hide, a game where you are your own surveillance.
- Coming Out Simulator 2014, a half-true interactive story about half-truths.

Public Domain Projects:
- The Public Domain Jam, a hackathon to take from and give back to the public domain.
- The Open Art Bundle, a crowdfunded bundle of open art, music, and code.
- And of course, all my playable projects are themselves public domain.

Nicky believes interactive art is a conversation between author and player. And that remixing is a conversation between all the world's artists. And we need to keep the conversations alive.

Session: Systems, Stories, & Shenanigans

A psychobiological system (Nicky Case) uses an audiovisual system (slides & a microphone) to talk about -- you guessed it -- systems.

I'll show you how I make interactive non-fiction, telling stories about systems -- and how I make interactive fiction, telling stories through systems.

Because when people don't understand something, it leads to hate, helplessness, or worst of all, apathy. With interactive art, and learning by doing... maybe we can get people to understand the world, each other, and themselves.