NYPL Labs is an interdisciplinary team at The New York Public Library working to inspire new uses of library materials on the Internet. Focused on all stages of the digital life cycle of collections (digitization, description, online access, reuse), Labs has become particularly known in recent years for crafting rich interactions around digitized archives that ask users to participate directly in the organization, enrichment, and remixing of library data. Labs experiments have also focused on visualizing the latent networks that connect archives and on using the inherent structures of the web to share what libraries have and know.

Session: Kill Time. Make History.

Despite decades of digitization, we’ve only just begun to surface the riches of libraries on the Internet. Ben Vershbow and Mauricio Giraldo of the New York Public Library Labs tour through a series of projects designed to tease out — through computation and public collaboration — the mountains of data locked in archives and historical collections.