Microsoft Team

Microsoft's Developer Experience & Evangelism team and Kinect for Windows team are working to help creative coders. They want people using Open Source and cross platform solutions to be able to easily and deeply integrate and collaborate with Microsoft’s devices and services.

Carmine Sirignano is a Software Engineer at Microsoft working on proof-of-concept work and delivering technical assistance to customers in the area of graphics and computer vision technologies. Over the past 3 years, he has focused on the Kinect for Windows developer community attending various events and hackathons.

Jason Walters is an interactive artist and game developer, whose work ranges from full body interactions to immersive virtual worlds. He uses code as a tool of artistic expression and enjoys working at the intersection of art and technology. He has worked with emerging artists, boutique studios, big brands, advertising, and the games industry, creating bespoke experiences of all sizes.

Workshop: Incorporating Kinect v2 Into Creative Coding Experiences

Workshop Fee: $300.00
Materials Fee: None.


Kinect v2 has dramatically improved capabilities over the v1 device: HD color, 3x depth fidelity, clean IR, and improved microphones. This workshop introduces the new, Kinect v2 sensor and its capabilities. You will learn how to incorporate it in your applications/experiences/installations. We will cover our Unity3D plug-in and show how it can be used to get Kinect data into Unity3D. Kinect Common Bridge will also be covered along with plugins for openFrameworks and Cinder. Everyone will leave the session with a Kinect v2, a 500GB HDD with Windows 8.1 (You can run everything on this drive on your Mac at the event and afterward) and a full licenses for Windows 8.1!

Skill Level: Intro - Intermediate
• Basic knowledge of programming (C# or C++)
• Knowledge of Cinder, OF, or Unity

• Introduction to Kinect v2 (sensor & APIs)
• How to bring Kinect data & APIs to Unity3D, Cinder & openFrameworks
• Hands on time & experimentation - you will get up & running on your own machine
(note: Kinect v2 requires USB3.0 and DirectX11 capable GPU)

What to Bring
• Any computer (including Mac) that has USB3.0, DirectX11 GPU, and 4GB of RAM.
• Windows 8/8.1
• Visual Studio 2012 or 2013 Express/Pro/Ultimate
• Unity3D Pro (for those wanting to use Unity, 30 day trial available)
• Cinder (optional)
• openFrameworks (optional)
• Power cord for your computer : )
• An idea of how you might want to use Kinect in a project