Emily Gobeille

Emily Gobeille is an artist and award-winning designer who specializes in merging technology and design to create rich immersive design experiences. Working in concept development, visual design, interaction design and creative direction, her experience over the past ten years spans many disciplines, including web, print, motion graphics, wireless platforms and installations. Emily's unbound energy and affinity for telling stories lends to her playful approach to projects. With an emphasis on meaningful interaction and systems built to support open play and discovery, her work creates a sense of wonder and delight.

Session: Connected Worlds

Theo, Emily and Nick of Design I/O will talk about their latest and most ambitious project ‘Connected Worlds’: a large scale immersive interactive ecosystem which allows children to build up 6 different biomes and manage the water resources to balance the needs of all the different plants and creatures that inhabit it. Connected Worlds at the New York Hall of Science has been three years in the making and is possibly one of the largest immersive interactive installations ever made.

The Design I/O team will talk about the monumental challenges they faced designing and developing the project, as well as the often surprising and playful solutions they came up with. As the first public presentation of the project, Design I/O is really excited to reveal the bizarre and magical Connected Worlds at Eyeo 2015.