Deray Mckesson

Deray is the Senior Director of Human Capital with Minneapolis Public Schools and is a Teach For America alum, having taught 6th grade math in NYC. He has been documenting the events of Ferguson via twitter and is the Founder and Co-Editor of the Ferguson Protestor Newsletter. He is an activist, organizer, and educator focusing primarily on issues impacting children, youth, and families. He previously worked for the Harlem Children’s Zone and TNTP, opened an academic enrichment center in West Baltimore, and with Baltimore City Public Schools leading systemic human capital change.

Session: Mapping Police Violence

In the wake of Ferguson, police and elected officials demonstrated a shocking inability to provide the public with the information needed to fully understand police violence in America. We didn't know where police violence was happening, how police were targeting people by race or ethnicity, or whether police violence was rising or falling over time. Activists from Ferguson, San Francisco and Minneapolis decided to answer these questions using crowd-sourced data. Their work,, demonstrates in jarring visuals that Ferguson is everywhere - and black people are most at risk of being killed by the police.