Béatrice Lartigue

Béatrice Lartigue is a french new media artist & designer. With a poetic and humanistic approach, she enjoys designing for people, regardless their age or their technological background. Béatrice likes having a global vision of the projects she’s working on, and using her skills in architecture to think about spaces around physical installations. Oh, and she really knows her way around knitting.

Lab212 is a Paris based pluridisciplinary art collective, cofounded in 2008 by some friends. By their sensible, poetic and tangible approach, they try to empower people and cast a different light on the technology surrounding our daily life. Lab212’s lines of enquiry include appropriation and narration.

Session: The Space Between

What if we could see what is not visible? Could we create bridges upon different worlds?

Tangibility is about reducing space between us, the others and our environment. Through the design of collective and interactive installations (Rain-bows, Les métamorphoses de mr. Kalia, Portée/...), I'll share viewpoint and insights about narration, transmission and appropriation.