Amor Muñoz

Amor Muñoz uses drawing, embroidery and electronic components in large-scale interactive pieces that juxtapose traditional handicrafts with technical diagrams and materials. Her work articulates an interest and exploration in art, design, illustration and electronic media, and is characterized by an interest in the interplay between the material forms and social discourse. Amor has exhibited in museums and galleries around the world including Laboratorio Arte Alameda (Mexico, DF), Jonathan LeVine Gallery (New York), Palácio das Artes (Belo Horizonte, Brazil), Rubin Center-University of Texas (El Paso, TX), Memorial da América Latina (São Paulo, Brazil). She Studied law at The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and Visual Arts at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts.

Workshop: Energy By Hand (Making Solar Textiles)

Workshop Fee: $300.00
Materials Fee: $55.00


This workshop is an introduction to solar energy and basic analog electronics applied to textile work. Learn to make a flexible solar panel and a textile rechargeable mini lamp and create your own USB solar charger! Discover the potential of combining: Craft & Technology; Tradition & Innovation; Low & High Tech.

Skill Level: Intro

• Learn basics of electronics and the principles of solar energy
• Understand how the e-textiles work
• Explore new materials
• Learn about looms used to create textiles and conductive thread
• Make a flexible solar panel and a soft rechargeable mini lamp
• Create a handcraft USB solar charger for your smartphone or tablet!

What to Bring
• Notebook
• Colored Pencils
• Pen
• Ruler
• Recycled fabrics (some pieces)

Panel: Art & Activism

Join us for a discussion about Art & Activism. Moderated by Jer Thorp.

Session: Art & Technology As Factors Of Social Change

This talk is about how art, by strategically using technology as a form of reflection and criticism, can be a fundamental social impact agent.

During this session I will talk about two interdisciplinary art projects: "Maquila Region 4", a mobile factory for the manufacture of electronic-textile artworks at marginalized areas of Mexico city; and "Yuca Tech: Energy by hand," a local technology lab located in the Mayan region (Yucatan), to creating photovoltaic textiles.

Related topics: Interdiscipline, social empowerment, e-textiles, community work, appropriate technologies, activism, tradition - innovation, manufacturing, manual labor, energy, etc.