Libs Elliott

Many moons ago, Elizabeth (Libs) Elliott studied weaving and textiles at the Ontario College of Art & Design. As a textile artist, she has been designing and making quilts since 2009, and has always been drawn to the idea of taking a traditional and tactile art, like quilting, and marrying it with modern technology. Which is why she works from digital to analogue - the quick, random gratification of generative art combined with the intentional, slow-craft of building a quilt.

Libs began using generative design for my textiles after collaborating with Joshua Davis, who provided the inspiration and code framework in Processing. She plays with various color palettes, uses simple geometric shapes and alter variables in the code to generate random compositions. The combinations are endless and addictive. When the digital results are sexy she makes them into quilts and textiles.

She's inspired by good design, the randomness of nature, and code nerds. When not obsessing over triangles and cotton solids, she spends her time hanging out with her amazing family in Toronto, Canada.

Workshop: Generative Craft: Pattern Making with Processing

At a time when mass-produced goods flood the marketplace, traditional handcrafted products are becoming increasingly hard to find. However, a new generation of craftspeople are using contemporary technology to create one-of-a-kind products that are anything but expected.

In this half-day workshop, Elizabeth will share her process for creating cutting-edge quilts, including selecting assets and color palettes, using a Processing and HYPE-based tool to output compositions, and translating those compositions to real-world products.

 Participants will explore the quick gratification of generating random patterns in Processing and the personal satisfaction of making objects by hand.

Specifically, participants will:

- Review the HYPE+Processing tool and existing SVG assets
- Review the basics of traditional quilt block design

- Draw and prepare their own SVG assets

- Explore options for creating different color palettes

- Generate and print out their own Processing pattern compositions
- Swap and share their printed patterns. Using provided templates, create a cut-and-paste paper 'patchwork' composition.

Advanced programming is not required, but a basic knowledge of Processing and Illustrator is an asset. All crafting tools and materials will be provided.

Applications to download in advance: